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If you meet Oceania If you think, you probably mainly think of football dwarves who are rolled up 12-0. Or maybe you think Oceania is just another word for Australia. Error. Oceania is more than that. In addition to Australia, the continent also hosts New Zealand, the Fijis, New Guinea and dozens of stunning islands in the Pacific and Pacific Oceans. The names of the islands immediately make you long for beautiful white beaches, swaying palm trees and over-friendly locals bobbing on fishing boats. Hawaii, Tuvalu, Tonga, Vanuatu: it couldn't be more tropical.

Australia and New Zealand

A highlight during your world trip in Oceania is Australia. A roadtrip or a tour through Australia can't be missed! Who wouldn't want to feast their eyes on the Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island and the rugged west coast? Or just spend a few days strolling through the hip streets of Sydney? A tour of New Zealand is just as attractive. Volcanoes, glaciers, impressive nature parks and contemporary Auckland, you have to visit it once.

Paradise on earth

But don't forget those special islands. Tuvalu is pretty much the most remote island in the world. The journey there is an experience in itself. Once you arrive on one of the islands, you will be immediately rewarded for your long journey. Paradise on earth! The same goes for all those other small islands in Oceania, you have to be there to believe it!

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