This huge North African country of 83 million inhabitants has a magical appeal. The myths of the pharaohs, the gigantic sphinx and the mysterious pyramids of Giza are still an important part of present-day Egypt. The vast majority of the country consists of desert, sand and barren mountains. It may not sound appealing, but a journey through this landscape will provide unforgettable moments. The major cities of Cairo and Alexandria are also more than special. The bazaars, the beautiful museums with their art treasures and the Arab metropolis immediately capture your heart.

Travel through history

Egypt is steeped in history. Of course, the pyramids and their guardian, the Sphinx, are the most famous example. But the surroundings of the town of Luxor also take you back to the times of kings and pharaohs. The first kingdom was founded in 3200 BC. Many kingdoms and dynasties followed. In Luxor you can visit the excavation sites and take a look back in time.

Diving in Egypt

But there's more! The beautiful delta of the Nile shows you a completely different Egypt. The country also borders the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Sahara is a unique environment because of its vast sandy plains. Just make sure you don't get lost. The main cities besides Cairo and Alexandria are Port Said, Suez, Ismailia and El-Mahalla El-Kubra. If you fancy a few days of cooling off on the coast, go to Hurghada, Dahab or Marsa Alam. Is diving your thing? Then a stop in Ras Mohammed or Sharm el Sheikh is a no brainer!

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