You have to search a bit but then you also have something. Because hidden in the Indian Ocean, about 855 km east of Madagascar, lies the idyllic island of Mauritius. The island is therefore quite isolated from the continent of Africa, to which it officially belongs. Mauritius consists of several islands. Perhaps the names give it away, Mauritius was officially discovered by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The capital, however, is Port Louis, which was re-established by the French in 1735 and is a direct reference to the French King Louis XV.

The island has 330 kilometers of coastline, almost entirely covered by the longest continuous coral reef in the world. On the coast it is without exception nice and warm all year round, only in the plateau cities in the southwest it rains regularly and it can occasionally be quite cool.

The Islands of Mauritius

The islands in Mauritius are unexpectedly versatile. You can have fun diving and snorkelling in the south of the island of the same name. The west is again much more inhospitable, untouched and a feast for the eyes. Lonely mountain peaks, dry savannas and lush vegetation define the landscape here. Rodrigues is just another desolate drop in the vast Indian Ocean. The isolated location makes Mauritius a mecca of tranquility and beautiful nature.

Port Louis

The capital and port city of Port Louis is the lively center of Mauritius. Most of the population lives here. The city has found its place between the ocean and the Moka Mountains and believe it or not, after Johannesburg in South Africa, Port Louis is Africa's most important financial artery. The markets and cozy streets, the busy traffic and the bustling shopping centers largely determine the atmosphere here. Other towns on the islands of Mauritius are Curepipe, Vacoas-Phoenix and Quatre Bornes.

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