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Zimbabwe is officially called The Republic of Zimbabwe. The capital is Harare (formerly Salisbury). Zimbabwe achieved majority rule and internationally recognized independence in April 1980 after a long period of colonial rule and a 15-year period of white-dominated minority government, established after the so-called Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) from the minority regime in 1965.

Zimbabwe is home to a great number of amazing attractions. From the mighty Victoria Falls and the beautiful Hwange National Park in the west to the Great Zimbabwean ruins and Gweru in the centre.

Zimbabwe is almost entirely over 300 meters above sea level. Its main physical feature is the broad ridge that runs southwest to northeast across the country for 644 km, from Plumtree near the border with Botswana through Gweru (formerly Gwelo) and Marondera (formerly Marandellas) to the Inyanga Mountains, which separate Zimbabwe from Mozambique. This ridge is known as the Highveld and covers about 25 percent of the country's total area.

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