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Prepared for flight | 5 useful tips

Will you soon be boarding the plane for a nice trip? Then make sure you are well prepared before you leave. Think of your travel documents, travel insurance, luggage, parking your car and any…


Holbox Mexico – Complete Travel Guide

Welcome to paradise, Holbox! A small but nice island where you can relax during your trip through Mexico. Cars are not allowed and there are no paved roads here. This will make you...

world travel insurance

Insurance when you go on a world trip

It's almost time, you're going on a world tour! Before you leave, you must prepare well, an important part of this is arranging insurance. In this article we tell you which insurance policies you need...


Taking care of your body while traveling

Many people have a routine at home for taking care of their bodies. Take a shower every day, put on clean clothes and wash your hair regularly. But when you travel, things are a little different. In this...

Grand Canyon 2 | Prepared | Wereldreizigers.nl

Grand Canyon Hike | Once in a lifetime experience

I've made a lot of beautiful hikes in my life, but there is one that really stands out above all others: the Rim-to-river hike in the Grand Canyon (America). Are you adventurous and do you like hiking in...

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Electronic Gadget | 4x for traveling

We live in a digital age where our electronic gadgets are indispensable. It is clear that our smartphone cannot be missing when traveling, but there are also a number of other ...

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Weekend away in the Netherlands

You don't necessarily have to travel far to experience the ultimate holiday feeling, the Netherlands is full of nice places and accommodations for a weekend away. The advantage is that you never have to go further than a few hours...

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Last minute deals | 3x to the sun

With winter approaching, the days are getting colder and darker. Brrr we don't like that! Are you ready for some sun again? Good news! In this blog we highlight 3 sunny holiday destinations where...

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