The Philippines is a populous country in Asia and consists of no fewer than 7000 islands. There are 90 million inhabitants here, a large part of which can be found in the capital Manila. The climate in the Philippines is tropical. Despite the fact that the country often has to deal with natural disasters, it remains a favorite travel destination for many travelers. The beautiful beaches and beautiful nature remain attractive for every traveler.

Transportation in the Philippines

Arranging transport in the Philippines is easy. Tricycles, taxis, minivans, boats and buses are available everywhere you go. However, it is often difficult to find the right routes, or the right counter where you have to pay ... We therefore advise everyone to book your ticket in advance at bookaway.com, they are very active in the Philippines and the prices are very low. You will then receive an email with information and your ticket, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Hectic Manila

The chaotic capital Manila is located on the largest island of the country: Luzon. It must be said, Manila is no fun for travelers seeking tranquility. Still, Manila is definitely worth a visit. In the city, western and eastern culture come together effortlessly. Just stroll through the streets of the old city center of Intramuros. Colonial buildings and the imposing Church of San Augustin show you another face of hectic Manila. Other cities include Quezon City, Caloocan and Davao City.

The beaches of the Philippines

The beaches are truly beautiful. Just visit White Beach on Boracay. Palm trees and white sand embrace you in peace here. Coral reefs, caves, ultimate diving spots and an exciting underwater world. The beaches of Busuanga, Apulit Island and El Nido are also mouth-watering.

Climate Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country to visit, very varied with sandy beaches, lively and colorful cities, quiet rural villages with extensive rice fields and reed plantations, active volcanoes and tropical rainforests. The Philippines has a tropical climate, it is hot and humid. The best time to travel is from December to April. although there is still a lot of rain in January, especially along the coasts. January is the coolest month and May is the hottest month of the year.

Then the temperatures can rise to averages above 40 degrees Celsius, while at night the temperature can be between 26-29 degrees. The archipelago is located on a fault zone stretching from Kamchatka in Russia to New Zealand. This folding mountain range is still in full swing, which means that there are many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions every year. Large areas of the archipelago are mountainous and inhospitable. More facts and backgrounds in: Wikipedia Philippines

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