Tour South Korea (3) | Gyeongju and Daegu

around the country South Korea to get to know it, it is best to make a large tour. This is part 3 of my South Korea tour. I started with the island Jeju Do and after this I flew to the city of millions Busan to travel further by public transport to Gyeongju en Daegu. You can read all about it in this article.

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The city of Gyeongju (location here) is known as the capital of it Silla kingdom in the 7th to 9th centuries, also known as the Golden Gity (golden city). The city where the entire center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is known for its history and culture. The center of history and culture in South Korea, so you can also find many tourists, most of whom come from South Korea itself.

Travel to Gyeongju

From Busan, many trains go to different parts of the country and so on Gyeongju. Less than an hour by public transport from Gyeongju is South Korea's third largest city, Daegu.

From Busan you can take a regional train to Gyeongju
From Busan you can take a regional train to Gyeongju

From Seoul and Busan there is a KTX train (high-speed trains) several times a day, but also regional trains and buses. The trains all arrive at the train station singyeongju, which is about 10 kilometers outside of Gyeongju (location here).

There is a regular bus that takes about 20 minutes to get into town. In the city there is a good bus connection between all tourist attractions and you can easily travel back and forth so that you can see all the important things in a few days.

Landmarks in Gyeongju

1. The center

The center of Gyeongju is full of typical Korean architecture
The center of Gyeongju is full of typical Korean architecture

The center of Gyeongju is almost entirely on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Important things to see in the city are: Gyeongju Daereungwon Ancient Tomb Complex (Location here), Cheomseongdae Tower en Hwangnidan-gil (Location here).

2.Cheomseongdae Tower

There are many tombs throughout the city, all of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Cheomseongdae Tower (location here) is known from many photos of Gyeongju and is located in the park in front Donggung Palace is. The streets around Hwangnidan-gil are known for their typical Korean architecture.

The Cheomseongdae tower
The Cheomseongdae Tower

3. Donggung Palace

Donggung Palace (Location here) is the king's second palace in the Silla Kingdom. This place has three different islands with palaces on them and twelve hills around them. For a long time the palace was closed, but since its renovation it is a much visited place.

Donggung Palace at night
Donggung Palace at night

It is especially beautiful once the sun has set and the lights reflect on the water. The palace can be reached on foot from the center, but beware; In the evening it can be very busy. The entrance fee is 3.000 Won for adults.

4.Gyeongju Woljeong Bridge

Gyeongju Woljeong Bridge (location here) is the largest wooden bridge in South Korea. The bridge burned down and was rebuilt in 2018. This bridge is especially beautiful to visit at night. The bridge comes from the Silla kingdom. Unfortunately, in June 2022, the bridge was under construction and scaffolding. The bridge is easy to reach on foot from the center.

5. Bulguksa Temple

The Bulguska Temple (location here) dates from the Silla Kingdom where it was built between 514 and 540 and modernized in 751. During the war in 1592, the temple suffered great damage during a fire and in 1920 a major reconstruction took place. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1995.

Bulguksa Temple near Gyeongju
Bulguksa Temple near Gyeongju

From Gyeongju there are many buses to the temple, which stop at the bottom and from here you can easily visit it. To enter you pay an entrance fee of 6.000 Won.

6.Gyeongju Tower

The Gyeongju Tower (location here) is in it Gyeongju Expo Park what next to it Bomun Tourism Complex is. The tower is 82 meters tall and is inspired by the 9 floors of the Pagoda or Hwangnyongsa Temple, one of the three treasures of the Silla Kingdom.

Opposite the Gyeongju Tower you can see the Pagoda on which the tower is based
Opposite the Gyeongju Tower you can see the Pagoda on which the tower is based

An entrance fee of 12.000 Won is required for the Expo Park and this gives you access to the entire park. The easiest way to get there is by bus on the way to or back from the Bulgaska temple.

7. Lake Bomum

Close to the Tower is Bomum Lake (location here). A place where many Koreans spend their holidays to enjoy the city of Gyeongju and to be close to nature. In the summer you can sit here and also walk around the lake. The theme park is also located here Gyeongju World, which is a major attraction.

Boom more
Boom more

Other places of interest in Gyeongju

The city is close by Ulsan, where you can do and see a lot. Furthermore, the beach is known from Instagram Skywalk. There are also many different temples nearby that you can go to.


The city of Daegu is located in the center of the country (location here) and is the third largest city in South Korea with over 2,5 million inhabitants. A slogan that is often said is Colorful Daegu, because the city is mainly known for its low rainfall and high temperatures.

Travel to Daegu

You can get there from all parts of the country with local trains and the KTX trains. There is also a train connection from Gyeongju. There are three subway lines in the city of Daegu, which will take you anywhere in the city. Above ground there are many bus lines that go to all parts of the city.

Sightseeing in Daegu

1. Seomum Market

Daegu's largest traditional market (location here) is best known for its textiles and clothing. In the meantime, there is also a lot of food and other products that are sold here at the more than 4.000 stalls. This market is also open in the evening. The many lights create a cozy atmosphere.

One of the entrances to the famous Seomum Market
One of the entrances to the famous Seomum Market

2 Tower

This tower with a view is located next to the large one E-World theme park and is visible from all over the city (location here). At the top of the tower you have a beautiful view of the entire city, which is especially popular for watching the sunset. Bungee jumping on the 77th floor, the so-called “Sky jump”.

Entrance to the 83 Tower and E-World amusement park with the famous English bus
Entrance to the 83 Tower and E-World theme park with the famous English bus

3.Aspan Park

Aspan Park (Location here) is known by Korean visitors, but less so by tourists of other origins. It's a good place for a walk, but it's even nicer to take the cable car up to watch the sunset over downtown Daegu. There is also a restaurant on top where you can eat well.

Sunset downton Daegu from Aspan Park
Sunset downton Daegu from Aspan Park

To get to the bottom of the funicular, a bus goes up and connects again from the metro. ** The cable car to and fro costs 10.500 Won, but you can also buy a single ticket. Note that the cable car only goes down until a certain time and you don't miss the last one.

4. Suseong Lake

With beautiful views over the mountains, this location is beautiful to visit both during the day and in the evening. This lake (location here) was created in Japanese colony time to provide water for farmland. Now there is a recreation park and it is mainly used to enjoy the peace, yet close to the city. **You can go over the lake with ducks and 4 times a day the music fountain provides entertainment for the many visitors who come especially for this.

The music fountain that gives a show 4 times a day
The music fountain that gives a show 4 times a day

5. Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine

Daegue is known for its oriental medicines and here is a whole museum (location here) based on. Traditions are shown here and there are many things that you can see and smell for yourself. There are different programs to follow in the museum about medicinal herbs. The museum is free to visit, you only pay for the program.

Other places of interest in Daegu

In the city there are many modern buildings and several streets full of shops. From the tourist information point there are several walking routes through the city to get a good idea of ​​the modern history before and after the Korean War.

Modern buildings that can be found in the city center of Daegu
Modern buildings that can be found in the city center of Daegu

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