What exactly is VANLIFE and why is it so popular? And what exactly does vanlife stand for? You can read all about it on this page. VANLIFE has been really going viral on the web lately. With its rapid increase in popularity, many enthusiasts are jumping on this lifestyle. One wonders what it is exactly. But what exactly is VANLIFE and why is it so popular?


We have launched a new public Facebook group for VANLIFE ? and OVERLANDERS ??.
? Join the VANLIFE & OVERLANDERS group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanlife.overlanders
The 'free' VANLIFE and OVERLANDERS facebook group of Wereldreizigers.nl.
This group is public and intended for anyone who speaks Dutch and is interested in VANLIFE and/or OVERLANDEN. In other words: long-term travel and/or living in your camper, expedition truck, overlander vehicle or self-built camper van.
We distinguish ourselves with a few important features:
? You CAN share your Insta and Facebook in this group.
? You CAN share your travel books in this group.
? You CAN share your website(s) and travel blogs in this group.
? You CAN share your YouTube videos in this group.
As long as it interfaces with VANLIFE and/or OVERLANDEN, you are free to share your photos, videos, blogs, socials and travel stories here.
Whether it's about building your VANLIFE van or OVERLAND truck, or if you'd like to share your travel videos or stories with everyone. Everything is welcome.
We believe that sharing good content is what the internet is all about. With this group we would like to connect people with the same interests, so that we can learn from each other and follow each other (online).
Have fun and please keep it tidy!

What is VANLIFE?

Simply put, opposite the 'normal life' there is also an increasingly popular alternative lifestyle and it's called VANLIFE. Life in a 'van' (van). In other words, you live and live completely in a van, bus, camper or other vehicle.

It is a lifestyle adopted by many Digital Nomads who are looking for a basic lifestyle, while being able to travel the world in complete freedom.

VANLIFE history

Living in your house on wheels has been around since the XNUMXs. It was popularized by hippies who started living from their vehicles. Though often looked down upon, this kind of lifestyle is slowly starting to become the norm again. Recently, this old practice has made a huge comeback through millennials and Instagram is really full of it.

VANLIFE popularity

A van's life has been exploding on social media lately. especially on Instagram, where you can search #vanlife and be exposed to over 3 million posts (at the time of writing this blog). This number is only expected to grow rapidly.

Many 'vanlifers' have documented their entire journey on Instagram, making the platform the most popular social network for vanlifers. While YouTube and Facebook are slowly catching up, Instagram is definitely where you can find the most inspiration right now.

With its growing popularity, many vanlifers have already had the opportunity to be sponsored or interviewed by major brands and companies. This nomadic lifestyle is no longer cluttered with the old stereotypes, it is starting to become a real hype in which there is money to be made.

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