We sometimes forget how close England is. A half hour flight and you are already at Heathrow Airport. Only the North Sea separates us from brash England, stubborn as ever. With Queen Elizabeth still in charge, England, part of the United Kingdom, always goes its own way. British norms, values ​​and traditions are still stubbornly upheld. And that's a good thing! Because that is what makes England so typically English. Let's forget that the country recently left the EU!

Metropolis London

London is, of course, the center of England and of the entire United Kingdom. This metropolis with Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the Big Ben, shops and clubs is a beloved city for many and is therefore considered one of the most visited cities in the world. But there's more! Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Coventry, Bath and many other smaller cities in England offer plenty culturally, musically and historically. The small towns and rural villages are beautiful paintings of real English life.

English countryside

The English countryside is unique. The typical houses and landscapes come straight from an English TV series. Scattered throughout the country you will find many historical monuments and buildings. Durham Cathedral is a much-visited attraction. Castle Howard and Windsor Castle are beautiful mansions and royal residences. Would you like to see more of nature in England? At Dover you will find the rugged chalk cliffs. Stonehenge is of course famous for its magical stones while at East Angila you can stroll for hours on the extensive beaches.

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