The land of sunny camping holidays or cold ski holidays in the Alps: France is an ideal holiday destination all year round. From Paris to Marseille and Biarritz, the French countryside is so versatile that it can offer any traveler a dream vacation. How about a breath of fresh air along the coast in Normandy? Spend hours wandering the streets of the most romantic city in the world, Paris! Spend days on the beach puffing from the scorching heat in Montpellier or cross the mountains in the French Alps? You can go in all directions in this beautiful country by car, bus, plane or even by bike!


Where to start….? Perhaps a trip through Provence is the ideal first introduction to France. Take the car and continue south. Along this route you will find Provence with its vast meadows, picturesque villages with delicious bread, fragrant cheeses and tasteful wines. Marseille, Toulon and Cannes are beautiful stops. Grab a cozy hotel or pitch your tent at one of the many campsites. The inlands in the middle of la France are also definitely worth a visit. Steep mountains, winding rivers, beautiful bridges, you will come across them all. Are you going to the west coast towards Biarritz or Mimizan? Don't forget your surfboard!

The French Cities

Are you more of a city type? Then you can have fun. A stop in Paris speaks for itself. But also choose other cities in France, for example Lille, Avignon, Bordeaux or Nice. Every city is dripping with centuries-old French culture. Yet every city has its own character and atmosphere. Time to discover real French life!

Eguisheim by The Orange Backpack | Normandy | Wereldreizigers.nl

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