Greece is a two-hour flight from the Netherlands and is therefore an excellent destination for a sunny summer holiday. Or just looking for warmth in the cold winter? Greece is also a great option. The country bordering Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey is known for its islands with sandy beaches and clear sea water. Diving, snorkelling and water sports are possible here almost everywhere. If you want to see more of the ancient culture, Athens is of course the place to be. The Greeks have a phenomenal history that goes back many thousands of years.

Classical antiquity

In addition to the capital Athens, the most important cities in Greece include Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Patras, Larisa and Volos. You can still see the monuments that represent classical antiquity everywhere. Especially in Delphi it feels like going back in time. Temples, altars, theaters and the Oracle of Delphi still sparkle after all these years. The Table Mountain Acropolis near Athens is another silent witness to Greek history.

Greek Isles

If you just want to relax on a lovely beach, you can visit various islands. The best known are Crete, Corfu, Evia, Kefalonia, Ithaki, Paxos and Lefkas. In total, Greece has about 3000 islands. Most are located on the eastern side of Greece, in the Aegean Sea. Touring around mountain villages and small harbor towns or partying in the many clubs, Greece offers peace and quiet just as easily as wild nights out.


The Peloponnese is a popular holiday destination in Greece. Until 1893, the Peloponnese was a peninsula, but in that year the Corinth Canal was dug and cut the Peloponnese off from the mainland. The striking canal is 25 meters wide and appears to have been cut through by a razor-sharp knife.

The Peloponnese is easily accessible by public transport and you can tour it for at least two weeks. If you go along the coast, you can expect an overdose of beach, sea and culture. The island has many beaches with a clear blue sea. There is, however, a relatively large amount of pebble beach. Nature is also great.

The island is characterized by deep coves in the south, rugged mountains and rugged landscapes inland. But the most impressive are the many places with ancient civilizations. The Mycenaean, Venetian and Turkish rule have left their mark.


Epidaurus is a gem in Greece. Risen from ancient times and located 65 kilometers from Corinth in the north of the Peloponnese. It is one of the most visited places. It is an almost completely intact theater, with an enchanting piece of architecture. It is not without reason that performances are still held. No fewer than 14.000 people can sit on the stone bleachers. The ruins of Mykene are also a tourist attraction.

The ruins were discovered by the German Schliemann and on this spot the battle against Troy was being prepared. Monenvasia is a small island in the south. It is attached to the mainland by a road. There is a medieval town on the island, which you can stroll through with great admiration. The town is situated against a high mountain ridge. Car traffic is not allowed here.

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