Portugal, a surprising country with different decors and a few beautiful cities. The capital, Lisbon, is the perfect calling card for this southern European country full of passion and fire. Together with Spain and Gibraltar, Portugal forms the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is also a land of the sea, with the Atlantic Ocean gently tickling the coast on the west coast. The Azores and Madeira also belong to this country.

Flora and fauna

The flora and fauna are of a comparable level to that of the Spanish neighbour. It is generally a bit greener than the neighboring country, although the interior and mountainous areas in the middle and north are a bit on the arid side, especially in winter and summer. In the Portuguese animal world, the wolf and the lynx still occur.

Albeit on a very small scale and only in one national park, the Parque, Peneda-Gerês. The stone marten, the roe deer and the wild boar have also managed to maintain themselves here. Finally, at the bottom of Portugal's nose, various water birds such as herons, ducks and flamingos have found a home in the lagoons and the salt pans.

Historical cities

Located on the Tagus River, Lisbon is a wealthy city bursting with sights and unique attractions. Museums, churches, palaces and monasteries make Lisbon a city of history. The port city of Porto is also a wonderful city to visit. Do you fancy a beach? Then go to the coastal town of Albufeira or to one of the islands that belong to Portugal. Madeira is a sunny island and a favorite destination for sunbathers. The most beautiful beach can be found at Praia da Marinha, at Lagoa.

Coast of Lisbon

You may not know it, but the Portuguese nature is wonderful. Such as the rugged Costa de Lisboa coastline with rough rocks, or the inhospitable mountains of Serra de Estrela. Do you want to enjoy nature in peace? Then visit the natural parks of Parque Natural de Montesinho and Douro Internacional.

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Itinerary Eastern Algarve | VANLIFE Motorhome route

During this fun camper route through eastern Algarve you will experience the real #vanlife feeling. The east of the Algarve in Portugal is not nearly as popular as the west of the region. Not quite right in our opinion...

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