Romania is a typical Eastern European country. The roads are sometimes more potholed than road, the buildings in the big cities perky and grand, and the villages steeped in Slavic culture. Don't expect modern shopping malls, rather a step back in time. It is precisely this tranquil image when you travel through the hilly fields and the Carpathian Mountains that makes you realize that you are in another country. Romania mainly shows you the beautiful, old, weathered face of that other Europe.

The climate of Romania

Romania has a moderate continental climate with very warm summers, cold winters, a short spring (except in the west) and a longer, usually mild autumn. Travelers of all backgrounds can go there: you can ski in the Transylvanian Alps and laze on the beach on the Black Sea.

Bucharest, capital of Romania

Bucharest is of course an irresistible magnet in this country that borders, among other things, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia. The special places in this bustling city are countless. The round silhouette of the Ateneul Român concert hall is a picture in itself. The Cismigiu Park takes you from the pleasant bustle to a pleasant silence. The Palatul Parlamentuliu parliament palace towers over all the buildings like a giant, while the Lipscani district shows you how the city effortlessly maintains its unique atmosphere. There are other beautiful cities to admire in Romania: Timisoara, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Galati and Craiova.

The Legend of Dracula

Romania has a worldwide legend, namely Dracula. Transylvania, that's where you want to be to experience the legend of Dracula. This mythical figure can be seen in many films and is described in various stories. Poienari Castle is known as his home. Spend the night in a real Dracula hotel and let yourself be carried away by stories about werewolves. Bram Stoker's Dracula comes from Wallachia, which lies below Transylvania.

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