Russia is like a rough diamond. Uncut and rough. Sometimes misunderstood and cunning. This largest country in the world, with an area of ​​17.098.242 km2, covers part of Europe and Asia and has around 143 million inhabitants. President Putin has been the undisputed leader of this giant nation for years. With a hard and then velvet hand he keeps the land of tsars and vodka in line. Metropolis Moscow is the seat of the government, the Duma. Other important cities are Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Kazan. The vast expanse of Siberia shivers at temperatures averaging -50 degrees Celsius. The very coldest inhabited place on our planet can also be found on Russian territory and is called Oymyakon. Russia, official name 'The Russian Federation', is a country that likes to show its muscles. In terms of size and natural beauty, the country is also impressive without that display of power.

The splendor of Moscow

Russia has a history spanning many hundreds of years. The countless churches and historic buildings still tell a large part of Russian history. In the impressive metropolis of the capital Moscow, you immediately see the different faces of Russia. Think of the Red Square and the Kremlin. Lenin's mausoleum and the many museums also show the dazzling stories of Russian history: the ups and downs, the human disasters, but also the periods of prosperity and economic growth. Saint Petersburg also amazes with its 18th and 19th century architecture, canals and boulevards, palaces and theatres.

Cold weather and sunbathing

Everyone knows it can be cold in Russia. The images of snowy plains and tundras in Siberia are well known. But Russia also has summer resorts and cooling lakes. Recovering on the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Azov or on the River Don, you will be amazed by the summer temperatures. Dense forests, mountain areas, city trips but also trips to the Arctic Circle: it can freeze and it can thaw in the giant called Russia.

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