Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and is located in the north of this large island. This rugged country is bordered to the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean, to the east by the well-known North Sea and to the south by neighboring England. The Scots are a proud people with a long history and a deep culture. Scotland basically consists of two parts, namely the mainland and the islands. The mainland also consists of two parts: the Highlands and the Lowlands.

Scottish City Trip

The country has four major cities: Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dundee. Edinburgh is the wonderful capital that lies on the east coast, against the Firth of Forth, a river that flows into the North Sea. Glasgow is the largest of the four and without a doubt the hippest city in Scotland. More and more young people are finding their way here in the music and art world. Aberdeen is the country's university city, with two major universities. From centrally located Aberdeen you can go in all directions, to the Orkney Islands or the more famous Shetland Islands. Dundee is the smallest brother, a very pleasant and cozy town where you can drink a good beer.

rough nature

Nature in Scotland is raw and rugged, just like we know the tough Scots. A good example is Ben Nevis, part of the Grampain Mountains and the highest point in the country at 1344 m. Loch Ness is the large loch that was of course made famous by the story of the 'Loch Ness Monster'. Of course you can't leave Scotland without a good glass of whiskey!

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