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Experience the real island feeling in your own country

Get a breath of fresh air and get away from it all, and that within a few hours at most from home. On the Dutch Wadden you imagine yourself in another world. A world with peace and space, but also with cosiness and charm. The journey you make to get to a Wadden Island is also worth it. First to the harbor in Friesland or the head of North Holland and then on the boat. Would you like to get into the holiday mood as soon as you leave the harbor? You literally leave everything behind for a while. 

If you only go for a day, you already have a mini-vacation including a mini-cruise, but actually a day is too short to really visit and experience such an island. You actually have to give yourself time for that. You get the real island feeling if you also sleep on the island. Then you experience how a Wadden Island comes to rest after the last boat of the day has left for the mainland and the day trippers disappear. You stay behind in a select company of islanders and that has something cozy and intimate. 

Rent a house

And where do you spend the night? There are camping sites and hotels on all islands and group accommodations can also be found there, but you really have your own place if you have a holiday rents. In a village, in the dunes, near the beach. They come in all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of places on all five Wadden Islands. A recommendation is, for example, a house Ameland† On this island you will not be bored. The nature, the beaches, but also the picturesque villages and shops offer you a holiday full of variety. You can look up the peace, but also the bustle, it just depends on what you feel like.

With a holiday home you are temporarily a real island inhabitant and you live with the rhythm of the tides and the ferries that determine the composition of the population a few times a day. In the meantime, you can do exactly what you feel like on your own times. Get up early to experience the silence of the awakening nature or sleep in. Just go to the beach to watch the sunset or have an extensive dinner at one of the many restaurants. Have breakfast and already make sandwiches for lunch on the beach. You have your own base and you don't have to take anyone into account. 

You can go for basic, but you can also treat yourself to some extra luxury house with jacuzzi rent. This is wonderfully relaxing, especially after a long active day in the open air, really the icing on the already delicious cake that is a Wadden Island. All Dutch Wadden Islands have their own unique character and that has been well preserved. There is much to discover in terms of history and the unique nature and culture. Renting a house on a Wadden Island is also a good idea for a slightly longer holiday. 

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