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Is your home properly secured when you travel the world?

In the not so distant past, the devices you took with you on holiday were only operable with a button or at least without smart electronic functions. Think of a coffee maker, a barbecue or gas stove. That made life wonderfully simple during the holidays. And if you wanted to listen to music during your holiday, you took a portable radio with you in which you could play cassette tapes. 

Nowadays it is wise to take a separate bag with you in which you can take all devices, chargers, power banks, sound boxes. The security of your house existed by the grace of your curious neighbor across the street, who wanted to keep an eye out for you in addition to watering the plants.

Are you already busy with your next vacation? Then it is a good idea not only to make plans for where you are going, but also to leave your house well secured. An ideal device for this is the Nest Hub from Google† You can, for example, install the Google Nest doorbell on this via the Google Home app. In addition, with the Google Nest Hub, you can also set up a lighting plan during your absence that turns the lighting on and off at different times. So it seems that someone is in the house during your holiday and you can also keep an eye on the neighbor who is watering the plants via a camera. In any case, it will discourage potential burglars from poking around your house.

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You can make your home as smart as you want in both absence and presence. The name under which you can summarize all cleverness is home automation. It stands for the automatic creation of actions and processes in-house. You can control this automation with your smartphone or with a panel on the wall of your living room. With a security camera you can see what is going on in your house anywhere in the world, and the smart doorbell ensures that you can see who is at the door when someone rings the doorbell while on holiday. You can even get a smart smoke detector install in your home. So that you receive a warning on your iPhone or tablet if, for example, there is smoke in your house.

Smart travel

If you can't do without your smart devices when you travel, make sure you are always in a place where free WiFi is available, so you never have to pay high data costs. If you have a wallet on your iPhone, make sure you have linked all the necessary cards. These are, for example, your bank card, your credit card or your Anwb card. If the plastic versions are stolen, you will still have them available in your wallet. How convenient is that! There are more useful electronic gadgets and applications that you can use on your mobile devices. Do you want more about smart technology know how to apply it, then you should definitely read Techblog.nl. This way you can also make optimal use of your mobile phone when traveling.

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