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What not to miss in Las Vegas

When you visit this megapolis, the range of activities and sights can sometimes be overwhelming. You can also combine this city trip with a tour of Western America, for example, if you...

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The History of Costa Rica

We take a look at the rich history of the small country in Central America. Costa Rica is known for its tranquility and nature, but this has not always been the case. The natural parks are breathtaking and also the...

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Amsterdam | Canal cruise, a must do

When you think of Amsterdam, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the many canals. These waterways are a big part of the city's charm and are a big draw for tourists. A channel...

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The best places to visit in Crete

Crete, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, is the largest of the Greek islands. This large island, which used to be the home of the ancient Minoan civilization (the oldest known civilization in Europe), is rich...

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Discover Slovenia

Slovenia is a small pearl bordering the northeast side of Italy. Especially the famous places such as the lakes Bohinj and Bled are very popular, as well as the elegant capital Ljubljana. And then you also have the...

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World Tour | 7 items for your backpack

Packing your suitcase or backpack for a world trip can be quite overwhelming when you do it for the first time. Maybe you will be away from home for months, so what do you take with you? It's a question many...

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Apply for a credit card before you travel

Are you an avid travel enthusiast? Then you are not alone, because it is very nice to travel. It has several advantages. In the first place you learn more about other cultures. In addition...

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6 tips for affordable airport parking

Last summer there was a lot of noise around the airports in the Netherlands. Schiphol in particular suffered from extreme crowds due to staff shortages and holiday crowds. Fortunately, things seem to be getting better for now...

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What are the best thermoses for travelers?

What do you call the average traveler who has had no caffeine? Surly. And even if you introduce them to a coffee that comes out of a café or a coffee machine, that grunt can quickly turn into a money-driven…


The 10 Best Countries to Teach English Abroad

Learning English abroad is a great way to explore the world and build your career. Some of the most rewarding aspects of traveling the world are experiencing new cultures and...

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Las Vegas: from casino center to music mecca

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is a saying we are all familiar with. It is synonymous with the freedom you have to do whatever you want in the city. But the first thing you...

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On vacation to the three best casinos in the world

The best casinos in the world. Sometimes when you go on holiday you want to escape the daily 9 to 5 and relax. What better way to do that than by taking a chance? What are the most beautiful places in the world to...

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Take an online gamble from your caravan

One likes long walks on the beach, watching the sunrise after climbing a high mountain, browsing the best restaurants or tanning at the pool. The other likes a solid game of good gambling...

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Colorful Colombia | The 5 most beautiful cities

Colombia is a colorful and diverse country. Once the country was avoided by travelers, Colombia is now high on the list of many travelers who want to discover South America. The culture and cuisine of the...

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5 cheap ways to travel Europe

Everything is getting more expensive, including travel. Inflation and rising fuel prices are hitting everyone hard. Anyone who used to drive a gas-guzzling car all over Europe will now think twice...

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