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What to prepare for traveling abroad

Traveling to an exotic destination in other countries is the way to boost your social media feeds. However, before you pack your ladies handbag, you need to make some preparations. Planning...


Far away? Book a heavenly sun holiday to the Maldives now

Do you come across photos and videos of a tropical resort with clear blue sea water and luxurious hotel rooms everywhere? Does this make you feel the need to go on a holiday in the sun and enjoy yourself? The Maldives is the ideal...

parking airport

Cheap parking at the airport

Are you going to travel to your holiday destination soon by plane? Then of course you also want to have the trip to the airport just as well arranged as your trip and your tickets. There are various ways you...

family holiday

On holiday with the whole family

Some families choose to go on holiday together once in a while, this is of course very nice and is really something to look forward to. If you are going on holiday with a...

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The five coolest city trips

Who doesn't love a good city trip? In a few days you can taste (sometimes literally) all the good things a country or city has to offer. In this blog I will tell you which five places are extremely suitable...

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Get away from it all, travel a few hours

Do you want to get away from it all and not have to travel too long? Alone, with your partner or with your family? For example, go to lopesan baobab resort in Gran Canaria or to another fine Spanish destination. We...


Spending your sabbatical traveling around Australia 

Tropical rainforest, barren desert landscape, dreamy beaches and vibrant metropolises. Australia is the land of a thousand facets, a multifaceted paradise for nature lovers and city dwellers alike. And what is a...

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Why buy a mobile home?

Do you need a break, a few weekends a year or a whole summer on holiday? In a fixed spot that really provides relaxation, the idea of ​​a holiday at a campsite, but with a...

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How can you make the most of your holiday?

Are you also looking forward to that well-deserved vacation? Get away for a week to enjoy the sun or spend a weekend in nature. During a holiday you hope to completely relax. Still, there's a lot...


What makes Bonaire interesting for a world trip?

Bonaire is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. One of the reasons why you should visit Bonaire is because of the clear water. It is fairly dry on the island. As a result, little water flows from the ...

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Luxury holiday parks in our own country

In the past two years, covid-19 has more or less forced many Dutch people to go on holiday in their own country. But is that bad? Not at all! There are countless luxury holiday parks in the Netherlands...

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Experience the real island feeling in your own country

Get a breath of fresh air and get away from it all, and that within a few hours at most from home. On the Dutch Wadden you imagine yourself in another world. A world with peace and space, but also with cosiness and charm. The journey...

world travel insurance

Insurance when you go on a world trip

It's almost time, you're going on a world tour! Before you leave, you must prepare well, an important part of this is arranging insurance. In this article we tell you which insurance policies you need...


Taking care of your body while traveling

Many people have a routine at home for taking care of their bodies. Take a shower every day, put on clean clothes and wash your hair regularly. But when you travel, things are a little different. In this...

world dishes

Popular world dishes to make yourself

To be fair, Dutch cuisine is not particularly refined. Every now and then cooking according to another world cuisine is therefore a pleasant change. Can you get a little inspiration on that?

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