You might not think it, but we are talking about the second largest country on our earth: Canada. The total area amounts to an astonishing number of almost 10 million square kilometers. Only Russia is larger than both Anglophone and French-speaking Canada. The head of state is still Queen Elizabeth II and Canada is still a country full of surprising nature, and with a very long history. The first inhabitants, the Inuit and Native Americans, lived here thousands of years ago.

Cities in Canada

The best-known cities in Canada are undoubtedly the pleasant metropolises of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Canada's capital is perhaps more unknown: Ottawa. We know some cities mainly because of the skating sport, such as Calgary. Canadian cities are known for their European atmosphere. Canada consists of ten provinces in total. The United States borders the country to the south, to the east, west and north are the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Canada is not a country for sunbathers and beach buffs. But that it is only freezing and freezing here is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration.

Eskimos or Inuit

Canada has been bilingual for 17.000 years. In the seventeenth century, both the French and the English occupied the east of the country. French is especially spoken in the provinces of Québec and neighboring New Brunswick, in the rest of the country English is the official language. An estimated XNUMX Eskimos or Inuit, as they prefer to call themselves, live in the North West Territories and Yukon. More info on the official website of the tourist office: CanadaTourism

In 1993, the Canadian government decided to assign the Inuit their own province. From 1999, the country has a new province, called Nunavut, freely translated 'Our country'. Nunavut gets a seat in the House of Commons.

Beautiful nature areas

Traveling through Canada you will fall from one surprise to the next. Nature can go in all directions here. Glaciers, snow plains, National Parks such as Yoho, Kootenay and Okanagan Valley, Rocky Mountains, huge lakes, prairies and many islands: rent a car or travel by bus through this country and you will have a unique travel experience richer!

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