The United States, land of the free! But also the land of king-size hamburgers and hot dog sandwiches, of shiny Hollywood and meter-long limousines, of President Obama and sky-high skyscrapers, of Las Vegas and gigantic shopping malls. The country where everything is possible, but certainly not everything is allowed. Many people think that the United States is like you see it in the movies. Fast, money-hungry, hurried and superficial. But this world-famous country is much more than just a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster. Beautiful nature reserves, overwhelming cities, relaxed beaches and delicious food. Of course, some places will look familiar to you, but be surprised by the unknown hotspots in this fascinating country.

Best cities in the United States

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the United States is probably the capital of capitals: New York. A visit to this city will be on everyone's wish list. Manhattan with its skyscrapers, Wall Street, the Empire State Building, the distinctive yellow cabs and fun neighborhoods such as China Town and Soho – there is something going on in New York every second of the day. They don't say for nothing: the city never sleeps. But also look further and travel, for example, to Chicago, located on Lake Michigan. Or Denver, which lies at the foot of the impressive Rocky Mountains. Or travel to the political center of the United States: The White House on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, the place where history is made every day.

In San Francisco you will probably feel right at home because of the casual European atmosphere. Los Angeles is big and busy, with plenty of fun trips to movie industry landmarks. And there are dozens of other great cities to choose from during your trip to the United States.

american nature

In addition to sizzling cities, there are several nature reserves and National Parks in the United States that you will love. Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, the Everglades in Florida, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, the Grand Cayon in Arizona and the giant sequoias in California: the US is a nature park in itself. Each of the fifty states has its own flora and fauna. The United States is the only country with six climate zones. Lakes, oceans, mountains, forests, snow plains, swamps, beaches, canyons, deserts, you can come across it all. To really understand the United States, you will not only have to dive into the cities, but also experience nature.

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