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Seattle | 22 unique tips for an ultimate stay

Seattle is also called Emerald City named because of the greenery in the city and its surroundings. Wherever you are in the city, the majestic Mount rainier you can almost always see a volcano in the background. Besides the imposing volcano, the biggest eye-catcher in the city is of course the Space needle, which offers a view of the whole area.

Maybe you already know Seattle from American TV series? The series Grey's Anatomy and Frasier are set in the city, among other places. Seattle is also the city where Starbucks was first established. So there is plenty to do and see in Seattle.

With this blog I offer you an extensive travel guide. I'll tell you more about Seattle and what there is to see and do. I also give you some Seattle tips from locals and of course also practical tips so that your visit to the city becomes one to remember.

The ultimate tour of North America

This article is part of a large one-year tour the United States en Canada, with a Dutch 4×4 camper that we shipped ourselves… It is a bucket list worthy and an once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

The ultimate roadtrip route through America and Canada | Wereldreizigers.nl
The ultimate roadtrip route through America and Canada | Wereldreizigers.nl

We wrote almost 100 articles about this ultimate tour. Visit our North America page for more information.

About Seattle

Seattle is a port city in the state Washington. It is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, the northwestern part of the northern part of the United States. The city is surrounded by water. It's in between Elliot Bay (element of Puget Sound) in the West, Lake Washington on the east side and south of Lake union. The city is named after the Indian chief Seattle.

Seattle on Google Maps | Tips for Seattle
Seattle on Google Maps | Tips for Seattle

737.000 people live in the city and the agglomeration has about 3,5 million people. Between 2010 and 2020, the population has increased by about 21%, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the USA makes.

Seattle has a Mediterranean climate influenced by the sea, with warm summers and mild winters. The best time to travel to Seattle is from June to September. There is little rain then and the temperatures are pleasant.

Did you know you with Aer Lingus can often fly cheaply to Seattle? With the Irish airline you make a stopover in Dublin from Schiphol before continuing your journey to the United States. Click here for Skyscanner and research ticket prices.

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Seattle landmarks

1. Space Needle

De Space needle (Location here) is the eye-catcher of the city. When you think of Seattle, you picture this tower. The tower has an observation platform, which you can visit (more on this later). He's in the neighborhood Lower Queen Anne, in the Seattle Centre and is 184 meters high.

The area surrounding the Space Needle is also worth a visit. The Seattle Center is actually a large park, which also houses museums, a fountain, a movie theater, and event venues. Especially on sensible days it is pleasantly busy here.

2. Pike Place Market

This iconic market (location here) can't be missed on a visit to Seattle. It is on the waterfront of Elliot Bay and is one of the oldest agricultural markets in the USA. The market was opened in 1907 and is visited by about ten million people every year.

The building consists of several floors, where you will find unique shops. Fish, flowers and other fresh products can be found on the top floor. Often you will also see street musicians at work. The building and atmosphere is incredibly unique and cosy.

Flowers at Pike Place Market | Tips for Seattle
Flowers at Pike Place Market | Tips for Seattle

3. The very first Starbucks

In Pike Place Market, you will also find the very first Starbucks (Location here). It was established in 1971. Starbucks is one of the largest chain of coffee houses in the world, if not the largest. What you will notice most about this Starbucks is the exterior facade, the original logo and most likely the long line in front of the store. Everything in the store is exactly as it was 52 years ago.

The facade of the first Starbucks | Tips for Seattle
The facade of the first Starbucks | Tips for Seattle

In 1987, two Starbucks were opened outside for the first time Seattle opened, in Vancouver en Chicago. In 1996, the first Starbucks opened outside the city North American continent, in Tokyo. There are now Starbucks locations in 75 countries around the world.

The long line at the first Starbucks | Tips for Seattle
The long line at the first Starbucks | Tips for Seattle

You can pop in for a coffee and a selfie. If you want to know more about the coffee chain, take a look at the what to do section. There I recommend a tour of the Starbucks Roastery in a different location in the city, which is really worth it.

4.Kerry Park

Although it is only a small park, it offers Kerry park (Location here) a great view of the city. It is located on a steep hill south of the district Queen Anne. You can see the Skyline of the city, the Space Needle, Elliot Bay and on a clear day, Mount Rainier from here. The perfect place to shoot a photo.

The view from Kerry Park | Tips for Seattle
The view from Kerry Park | Tips for Seattle

5. Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square (Location here) is another beautiful piece of Seattle. It is a historic district and the oldest district in the city. It is known for its Victorian architecture, historic buildings and monuments. The district is home to many galleries, boutiques, restaurants and bars. You will find old buildings such as the SmithTower, Seattle's oldest skyscraper, and Pioneer Building.

Pioneer Square is also known for Pioneer Square Pergola en Fountain, a beautiful open-air structure from the 1890s. Other points of interest in the district include it Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and the Western Park.

6. Chinatown - International District

Chinatown-International District (Location here) is a historically and culturally important area. It includes several districts including Chinatown, Japantown en Little Saigon, which together form a unique and diverse community.

The International District is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood where visitors can enjoy the many cultural and historical sights, food, shopping, and festivals the area has to offer.

Chinatown is Seattle's oldest Chinese neighborhood and is known for its Chinese architecture, shopping, dining and cultural events. You will find many historical sites, such as the Chinese pagoda and the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.

7. Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park (Location here) is located in the district Capitol Hill. The park has a number of large green areas with lawns, flower meadows and a beautiful view of the city from a hill.

Houses around Volunteer Park | Tips for Seattle
Houses around Volunteer Park | Tips for Seattle

There are many attractions in the park, including it Volunteer Park Conservatory, a historic greenhouse from the 1900s with a large number of tropical plants and flowers. Also the Seattle Asian Art Museum is worth visiting. There is also a viewpoint at a water tower. The area is perfect for a walk or bike ride.

What to do in Seattle

1. Sky View Observatory (Space Needle)

De Space needle has an observation platform at a height of 160 meters. You look up from here Downtown Seattle, the surrounding mountains of Olympic en Mount Rainier National Park, Elliot Bay and the various islets located in Puget Sound.

The entrance to Sky View Observatory | Tips for Seattle
The entrance to Sky View Observatory | Tips for Seattle

You can buy tickets in advance book online or at the Space Needle itself. Booking your ticket in advance can save you a lot of time. A lift will take you to the platform in 41 seconds and a single ticket will cost you about 38 euros per person.

2.Food tour

Since your mouth will water when you talk about it Pike Place Market is running, a visit can easily be combined with a food tour. There are different tours offered where a local guide will tell you everything about the market and let you taste the delicacies. The menu includes fish, cheese, chocolate, cold cuts and more… A tour is quite pricey (it starts around 50 euros per person), but after such a tour you don't have to eat breakfast or lunch anymore!

Fresh produce at Pike Place Market | Tips for Seattle
Fresh produce at Pike Place Market | Tips for Seattle
Neon signs in Pike Place Market | Tips for Seattle
Neon signs in Pike Place Market | Tips for Seattle

3. Starbucks Roastery Tour

With this unique Starbucks location (location here), you can do tastings and tours. During the tour you can enjoy the Experience Bar and a rich assortment of food. Of course there is also plenty of Starbucks Merchandise for sale. Even if you are not planning to do an activity and just want to taste the atmosphere, a simple visit to this beautiful Roastery is also a nice experience.

Starbucks Roastery | Tips for Seattle
Starbucks Roastery | Tips for Seattle

4. Football game Seahawks

For sports enthusiasts, there is no better way to experience the local atmosphere. The Seahawks, Seattle's American football team is very popular and you can see the team's banner all over the city. The Lumen Field Stadium is their home.

The Seahawks | Tips for Seattle
The Seahawks | Tips for Seattle

The football season runs from approximately September to February. The cost of tickets depends on the popularity of the match. Via the website of Seatgeek you can see which matches are scheduled and what ticket prices are.

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5. Museums

Seattle has a lot of museums. Every first Thursday of the month is free museum day and some museums are open until 9 pm. Below is a description of three museums in the city.

If you plan to visit several museums, you can save a lot with one Seattle City Pass. You will find more information about this in the chapter practical information and tips.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass (Location here) is a museum dedicated to the work of the famous American glass artist Dale Chihuly. The museum contains a combination of exhibitions of Chihuly's work, as well as a beautiful garden with specially designed landscapes. The museum offers a unique look at Chihuly's colorful and sculptural work.

Online tickets costs 35 euros per person. If you want to combine your visit with the observation platform of the Space Needle, you will receive a discount of more than 10 euros. A combination ticket costs about 60 euros.

An art object from the Chihuly museum | Tips for Seattle
An art object from the Chihuly museum | Tips for Seattle

Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum (location here) focuses on the history and influence of popular culture. The museum has a large collection of objects and works of art related to music, film, television, science fiction, fantasy, fashion and video games. There are also temporary exhibitions, events and educational programs that focus on popular culture and its impact on society.

The museum was founded by Microsoft founder Paul Allen. The building itself was designed by renowned architect Frank O. Gehry and has a striking and eye-catching design.

Entrance tickets cost between 25 and 32 euros. You can also gain access to the museum with a Seattle City Pass.

The Museum of Pop Culture | Tips for Seattle
The Museum of Pop Culture | Tips for Seattle

Museum of Flight

Although the museum is not located in the center (location here), it is still a special and noteworthy museum. It is an air and space museum, where you will find a large collection of historical and modern aircraft and spacecraft.

The museum has some impressive pieces in its collection, including a Concorde supersonic airliner, a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, a Space Shuttle Trainer, and a number of historic military aircraft.

Entrance tickets cost 26 euros for an adult.

Museum of flight | Tips for Seattle
Museum of flight | Tips for Seattle

Tips from Locals

After we visited Seattle, I met Ryan and Naveen, real Seattle locals. Of course we talked about the city and they gave me very good tips. Although we have not been able to discover all these tips, we do not want to withhold them from you!

1. The best coffee

It's always a tough question where to find the best coffee, because Seattle's coffee scene is big as well as delicious. Everyone should be able to find their taste of coffee in Seattle. A good starting point is the most established companies.

As stated earlier in this article Starbucks its first location opened at Pike Place Market. There is always a long line here. The Roastery is a good alternative. Here you get a good idea of ​​how the coffee is made and you can try it out.

Coffee tasting | Tips for Seattle
Coffee tasting | Tips for Seattle

Other good options are:

  • Monorail Espresso (Location here)
  • Café Allegro (Location here)
  • Espresso Vivace (Location here)
  • Cafe Vita (multiple locations)
  • Thief (multiple locations)
  • Cafe Umbria (multiple locations)
  • Victrola Coffee roasters (multiple locations)

If you love Espresso then Espresso Vivace is the best option, with the best tasting Espresso in the area! For filter coffee lovers, Victrola is the best option in Seattle. If you are near UniversityDistrict, then Cafe Allegro has a nice atmosphere to linger.

2. A night out

The district Capitol Hill (Location here) is known for its nightlife (and coffee, but more on that later). There are two popular places: Pike/Pine Corridor en Olive Way. You can find everything from karaoke, dive bars, vinyl spinning, cocktails on tap, speakeasies behind inconspicuous doors, dance clubs, drag shows, boutique cocktails and a bar that was once a morgue. So all these places have something for everyone. Many of them serve a 'hangover brunch' on Saturdays and Sundays.

Nightlife in Capitol Hill | Tips for Seattle
Nightlife in Capitol Hill | Tips for Seattle

Some recommendations for going out are:

  • Blade & Timber (Location here), a bar where you can throw axes.
  • JupiterBar (Location here).
  • Flat Stick Pub (several locations), a pub with miniature golf. Flatstick at Pioneer Square (Location here) is the best of these.

3. Pacific Science Centers Laser Dome

Be every night here performed several shows, about an hour long, where an artist combines laser images with music from a particular artist. Ryan's favorite are the midnight shows. Before you go to the show, it is also a nice area (the area around the Space Needle) to walk around. Ryan also recommends bringing blankets if you want to lie on the floor while enjoying the show. It's like looking at the stars. Of course sitting on chairs is also possible in the auditorium, but lying down adds to the experience.

4. Concerts

If you're in the mood for a concert, but not a big one, you can find it in the district Ballard (Location here). There are many bars where local and small bands perform in different types of bars. Concerts here are often very accessible with low prices, a perfect option to add that little bit extra to your Seattle visit.

5. Eating and shopping

The International District (Location here) has the most delicious and variety of food and is a nice place to walk around or do some shopping.

6. Hiking and a good view

Kerry park (Location here) has the most photogenic view of the Seattle skyline. The Washington Park Arboretum (Location here), a botanical garden, is a nice place to walk. As well as the nature reserve Union Bay (Location here).

Washington Park Arboretum | Tips for Seattle
Washington Park Arboretum| Tips for Seattle

Practical information and tips

Seattle City Pass

If you are going to visit Seattle and you plan to do several things, one Seattle CityPASS be beneficial. The pass gives you access to 5 of the most famous attractions in the city for one price. You can save almost 100 euros with this.

You get access to the Space needle and the SeattleAquarium. In addition, you can choose three more from the following four; a harbor tour from Argosy Cruises, entrance for Museum of Pop Culture. Then Woodland Park Zoo and/or entrance Chihuly Garden and Glass.


Of course, a city like this has plenty of options for staying the night. Count on prices of at least 100 euros per night. Below I give two tips for good budget options and one tip for a unique stay.

An overnight stay in a hotel Green Tortoise Hostel can cost under 100 euros depending on the season. It is in Downtown Seattle, has been rated well and you can stay here in so-called hostel dorms. Prices include breakfast.

Also read: What is a hostel? And why should you stay there?

A stay in Staypineapple, will cost you just over 100 euros per night. It is a cozy and well rated hotel in it UniversityDistrict. With a subway / streetcar you are in Downtown Seattle in 25 minutes.

If you still want to spend a little more money on a unique stay, then Seattle Gaslight Inn a good option. It is located in the nice neighborhood Capitol Hill and has been rated excellent. It has a beautiful interior, a swimming pool and a continental breakfast included.

wild camping

Wild camping in the city is possible and via the app iOverlander there are several places to be found.

near Volunteer Park (Location here) were a striking number of vans and campers. You can park for free and you are close to the park, where you can find various facilities. We found a quiet place a few blocks away (location here) in a small parking lot Miller Park.

Houses around Volunteer Park | Tips for Seattle
Houses around Volunteer Park | Tips for Seattle

It is (more) difficult to stay in or near the center with a bus or camper. A few places are still being designated on iOverlander, but users report that they had concerns about their safety. Keep this in mind when choosing your spot.

Closing comments

Seattle is a city that, in my opinion, doesn't feel very much like an American city. You see noticeably fewer homeless people and you generally feel safe there. Not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of openness and friendliness, it is un-American. In addition, there is a lot of greenery and you are surrounded by water and mountains. So it's no wonder that people like to live in this city!

Seattle is unfortunately too far for us Dutch people for just one city ​​trip. Although that is a great pity, it is still a great plan to visit this city. So don't miss it if you're making a tour in the north-west of the USA or if, for example, you are allowed on a business trip in this area.

The ultimate tour of North America

This article is part of a large one-year tour the United States en Canada, with a Dutch 4×4 camper that we shipped ourselves… It is a bucket list worthy and an once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

The ultimate roadtrip route through America and Canada | Wereldreizigers.nl
The ultimate roadtrip route through America and Canada | Wereldreizigers.nl

We wrote almost 100 articles about this ultimate tour. Visit our North America page for more information.

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