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Renting a car this summer? Sunny Cars has good news!

TRAVEL NEWS (press release) – April 6, 2023: Good news for the roadtrippress among us: it rent a car on vacation becomes cheaper! So can't you wait to explore green valleys, an impressive coastline and picturesque villages by car? Then pay attention. Car rental specialist Sunny Cars is looking ahead to the summer of 2023 and shares the best tips especially for you to book a rental car at an affordable price. From the most affordable destinations to book a rental car to how far in advance it is best to book. Bring on that summer full of adventures…

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Tips & tricks for the holiday wallet

1. Early car rental = less expensive 

This year a rental car will cost less than in 2022 and that is great news! But how can this be? As you may have noticed during your holiday last year, there was a shortage of cars. Rents skyrocketed. Fortunately, there are more cars available this year and as a result, holidaymakers pay less for a rental car this year.

However, this is certainly not the case at every destination. In addition, the smaller models are still scarce at the moment. That is why it is our advice to book early. This way you save money and you also have a wider choice of rental cars. But what is early booking? On average, holidaymakers book a car 67 days before the trip. Our tip: book the car for those 67 days and you will generally enjoy better prices. Are the plans not quite set yet? At Sunny Cars you can cancel the car free of charge up to 1 hour before the start of the rental. So you can already book the car and if the plans change, it will cost you nothing.

Renting a car at Sunny Cars is cheaper this summer
Renting a car at Sunny Cars is cheaper this summer

2. Top 10 Most Affordable Destinations

The prices for it rent a car can vary greatly per destination. Sunny Cars is happy to help you on your way and has therefore made an overview of the destinations where you can rent a car most cheaply at the moment. Based on the rental price per week and the cheapest car category, the cheapest options are:

1. South Africa 
2. Canary Islands, Spain  
3. Málaga, Spain 
4. Curacao 
5. Valencia, Spain 
6.Pico, Portugal
7. Bilbao, Spain 
8. Alicante, Spain 
9. Rhodes, Greece 
10. Kos, Greece 

 3. Before booking the flight, also check the car rental

Do you always book the flight first and then look for a rental car? Then it may be that you are more expensive. Suppose your flight arrives at 19:00 and the car rental company is already closed. Then you may have to pay an extra surcharge. The collection day can also influence the price. That is why it is our advice to take a look at it before booking the flight rent a car.

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Renting a car at Sunny Cars is cheaper this summer
Renting a car at Sunny Cars is cheaper this summer

4. Make smart use of the 24-hour rule

You always rent a car per 24 hours. This means that if a car is reserved at 13:00 PM, the rental day also ends at 13:00 PM. If you return the car at 15:00 PM, this will cost an extra full rental day. Be smart about this and save costs.

5. Make sure all car rental costs are clear in advance

It has happened to many people that they pick up the car and still get an (extra) insurance policy, resulting in extra unexpected costs… Nothing is more annoying than starting your holiday in this way. That is why you always book all-in at Sunny Cars. This means that all insurance is included in the price. This way, everything you need for the rental car has already been arranged before the holiday and you will not be faced with any surprises at the counter when you pick up and return the car.

Do you want to save on it this summer? rent a car? Check the most affordable destinations first, then book the car as early as possible and check the 24-hour rule. With an all-in rental car you can start your holiday without any worries and you can already look forward to a summer full of adventures.

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About Sunny Cars

Sunny Cars was founded in 1991 and has grown to become the largest provider of all-inclusive car rental in Europe. About 130 employees in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland make a unique travel experience possible in more than 120 countries worldwide. Sunny Cars stands for carefree car rental and offers the most comprehensive insurance package on the market, including reimbursement of the excess and free glass-tire-floor-roof damage cover. Extensive advice and 24/7 support is also included with the car rental expert. In addition, every tenant gets access to Sunny2go, a personal travel assistant that allows you to discover the best places on holiday with your rental car.

As the car rental company of the travel industry, Sunny Cars is a member of the ANVR and affiliated with SGR.

For more information about Sunny Cars: see www.sunnycars.nl 

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