Boom supersonic plane United Airlines - Overture

Supersonic flying with Boom Overture in 2029 | Successor to Concorde

Aircraft developer Boom receives the first major order for the successor to the Concorde, the Boom Supersonic Overture. United Airlines is the first carrier to place an order for 15 Overture aircraft with the option to purchase a total of 35. Production will start in 2022, the first test flight will be carried out in 2025 and the first passengers will be able to take a seat in the aircraft in 2029.

Boom supersonic plane United Airlines - Overture
Boom supersonic plane United Airlines – Overture

Orders from the Overture

The amount of money involved in the order has not been disclosed, but a single Overture will cost around 200 million dollars (165 million euros).

Including the order from United, Boom says it now has 70 orders and options for its supersonic aircraft the Overture. It also says it will receive money from the American government for a study that should show whether the device would also be a suitable replacement for Air Force One, the plane of the American president.

From London to New York in 3,5 hours

Those who do have a well-stocked wallet can save a lot of time in the future. Boom supersonic wants to reconnect the world with their lightning-fast Overture planes. How about a flight from Paris to Montreal in Canada in just 3 hours and 45 minutes? Or from London to New York in 3,5 hours? That is half the current travel time with a conventional aircraft. And that's just the beginning. United Airlines plans to make supersonic flying possible at any continent in the world. It believes that the business world will be fully committed to such high-speed connections.

The supersonic plane Overture
The supersonic plane Overture

United hopes to offer the tickets for the maximum 88 seats on board cheaper than the Concorde was at the time; about the price of a business class ticket. Flying with this supersonic aircraft will therefore not be possible for everyone.

Specifications of the Overture

  • Passenger capacity: 65 to 88 people
  • Flying height: 18 to 20 kilometers
  • Carbon (Co2) emissions: 0 (net emissions from the use of biofuels and offsets)
  • Height: 62,4 meter
  • Speed: MACH 1.7 (2.082 kilometers per hour)
  • Range: 7.866 kilometers
A render of the Overture in a Hangar
A render of the Overture in a Hangar

Interior of the Overture

Because the aircraft has to remain slim to achieve the high speeds, the layout in the aircraft is divided into two rows of a single seat. Below are some images of the Overture's interior.

Interior of the Boom Overture
Interior of the Boom Overture
Interior of the Boom Overture
Interior of the Boom Overture
Interior of the Boom Overture
Interior of the Boom Overture

The fastest and most durable supersonic aircraft

In a world in which we are increasingly concerned with the environment and climate, you may think that this aircraft is even more polluting than a conventional aircraft. Yet Boom Supersonic promises that their Overture will have a net CO0,0 emissions of 2. They want to achieve this by flying on 100% biofuels, which emit exponentially less Co2 and other dangerous greenhouse gases. The remainder of the emissions is compensated for, for example, by planting trees.

It is the intention that the additional costs that this entails will already be included in the cost price of the aircraft and airline tickets. So there will be no option, everyone who books a flight will do this CO2 neutral.

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In the video below, Boom founder Blake Scholl talks with Vice President of Overture Development about the speed, safety and durability of the aircraft.

Engines from Rolls-Royce's Civil Aerospace Division

The engines in the supersonic aircraft will be built by Rolls-Royce's Civil Aerospace division. In the video below, Rolls-Royce's Strategy Director talks about the company's sustainable propulsion.


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