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Skyscanner tool provides insight into search volumes | High demand Amsterdam – Bali

TRAVEL NEWS – January 20, 2021: Skyscanner has launched a new solution within its travel insights business intelligence tool to identify the untapped demand for new direct flight services. The route Amsterdam–Bali is there such a one. This route was identified by Skyscanner based on extremely high search volume, while no direct flight is available yet.

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Tool intended for airlines and airports

Since last year's pandemic data is virtually irrelevant, the new tool will help airlines and airports use forward-looking search and intent data to forecast demand. This allows them to identify new and more profitable route opportunities.

The Unserved Routes module provides a new data segmentation for the global aviation industry, combining flight schedule data with insights into passenger demand. Every search query entered in Skyscanner is included in this tool.

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Skyscanner tool provides insight into search volumes | High demand Amsterdam - Bali 4

Traditional data sources focus on historical or completed bookings for route planning and revenue management. Skyscanner's new solution enables airlines and airports to forecast ahead and understand forward-looking demand. This makes it a lot easier for airports to plan up to 12 months in the future and to open new services and lines faster, based on supply and demand via Skyscanner's consumer search engine.

Analysis of each route includes search and redirect volumes, average fare prices and conversion rates, with the ability to filter by travel month.

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Amsterdam – Bali has a very high search volume

Selected unserved routes for the EMEA market include Dublin to Las Vegas, Kiev Zhuliany to Istanbul as well as Amsterdam to Bali. To date, no direct flights are available for this, you cannot fly directly to Bali until now. But through better insight into consumer search data, airlines can now respond more quickly. New direct lines are expected to be opened in the short term (2021), based on Skyscanner's search volume and data tool.

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Amsterdam - Bali has an exceptionally high search volume on Skyscanner
Amsterdam – Bali has an exceptionally high search volume on Skyscanner

Michael Docherty, Head of Data Products at Skyscanner, commented: “With signs of recovery on the horizon, we are unlocking even more of Skyscanner's unparalleled demand data to help our partners in the airline industry understand the evolving needs of travelers.”

“Covid-19 has exposed the limitations of historical data for route planning and management, as well as the need to make smarter, faster decisions.

“Our new Unserved Routes module is designed with airlines and airports in mind, enabling them to forecast daily market demand, build business cases to restart certain direct routes or even expand into new ones.”

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