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Tips to save energy and money with Smart Home Products

World travelers realize that without a good environment, even the beautiful places we love to visit will be lost. We all benefit from saving energy because we indirectly also save the environment and nature. If you can also save money with that, that's just a bonus! In this article I will explain how I have been working with oa Google Home en Smart Home products from the Action (!) managed to reduce our power consumption by almost 40%. I will also explain why compare energy and switching is the best way to easily save hundreds of euros. Now that energy prices in the Netherlands are rising to bizarre heights, saving energy is of course even more relevant. These are our saving tips!

Save money

First of all, your own wallet: Who a world trip want to make will do that first need to save moneyunless you have a money tree in your garden of course… And one of the easiest things that you can quickly save a lot of money on is to reduce some of your fixed costs such as your mobile subscription, your car insurance and yes, your energy. It is a part about which a lot is written, but also one that we often overlook. Realize that you energy consumption a large part of your monthly fixed charges to be. Who is smart can do there save a lot of moneyMoney that you can put aside to travel.

It pays to compare energy

Do you care who supplies you with your energy? Yes, we are also big fans of sustainably generated power, but you can also do this vergelijken and save. It can be quickly earned to switch. You can easily save 200 euros per year by switching energy supplier. All options to save extra for your world trip. Take advantage of that!

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Tips to save energy and money with Smart Home Products 9

Saving energy at home

Now you know where to get the cheapest, and I hope too green energy it is good to know what all you can do to save energy at home. Some things are obvious, others are not. Call me crazy, but I'm really crazy when it comes to traveling but also about the environment and I love Gadgets† I go a lot further than average to save on energy† The tips below will probably not appeal to everyone, but the more you apply, the more energy you will save!

Save on heating at home

An obvious tip, but oh-so important. Here you can easily save hundreds of euros per year, by simply turning on the heating only when it is really necessary. Especially if you live in a less well-insulated house. This saves about €80,00 per year for every degree that you lower the heating. Not heating your bedroom will save you about € 50,00 per year.

Save energy with Smart-Home lighting

Smart-Home products are very expensive, aren't they? Until recently, that was a resounding 'yes'. But since the arrival of Smart-Home products at the Action, IKEA and nowadays even the LIDL, it is no longer expensive. I dare to call it cheap! You already have dimmable smart-home LED lighting from 4 euros. The more expensive models, switches and sensors, cost 7,50 or 10 euros.

Then you may wonder, what's in it for me and how do you save energy? That answer is actually very simple: LED lighting consumes much less power† Even if you already have many energy-saving lamps at home, it is still a saving per lamp of 40 to 80% percent. And because they are 'Smart' lamps, you can pair and control them with an App on your phone, such as Google Home† Forgot to turn off the lights while you're already away from home? No problem! It can be done remotely with one click. You can also set the lamps in such a way that they turn on or off automatically when you come home or leave, for example. The smart lamps can also take sunset or sunrise into account. This prevents lights from being left on unnecessarily, and thus saves energy.

Link everything to Google Home

But you can go much further than just lighting. How about a remote electric blanket? Control your thermostat? Smart TVs on or off? Anyone who has a Google Home Mini or a similar hub can connect all kinds of smart home products to it. Not only because it is handy and fun, but also because you can really take saving to a new dimension. Below you can see how you can manage all devices at home from the Google home app to save energy. Click on the images to enlarge.

Other useful energy saving tips

Every little bit helps, right? Then take the tips below with you!

  • Cook with the lid on the pan, save 4 euros per year.
  • Consistently turning off the tap saves 34 euros per year
  • Steaming or woking dishes instead of cooking saves 3 euros a year
  • Placing the refrigerator in a cool place and 10 centimeters from the wall saves 15 euros per year.
  • Showering instead of bathing saves 12 euros per year.
  • A self-switching iron saves 10 euros per year.
  • A water-saving shower head saves 40 euros per year.

Do you have any nice or handy energy saving tips yourself? Share them with us in the comments!

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