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Mobility restriction? Don't let a disability stop you from traveling!

People without disabilities (like myself) always take life without mobility restrictions for granted. We can go where we want and never really think about it. Unfair I think now! I have just received an assignment to write something about adapted cars that allow people with disabilities to travel. Phew, this makes me think for a moment… How about that? How do people with disabilities travel? How do they get a modified car? Are there any inspiring travel bloggers who travel and write about it despite their disability or handicap? I decided to investigate to answer these questions and you can read all about it in this article.

Accessibility improved over the years

While cities, airlines, hotels and tourist attractions have made strides over the years in improving their accessibility, many barriers for people with reduced mobility still remain.

One of those barriers already starts at home. For example, do you have an adapted car that you can get in with your wheelchair? I hadn't thought about it before, but there are companies that can convert your car or van so that you can still travel with it. It is possible to wheelchair car with automatic transmission or you can have your own car modified so that you can travel with it yourself.

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See no limitations, but possibilities

Whatever your specific requirements, limitations or wishes are, there is always a way I always say. I have written countless inspiring articles to motivate people to travel. Even people without disabilities always see trees in the road and can name countless reasons why they cannot travel. It is never the perfect time to travel† Money, your home or your career is always a challenge. Each of those challenges can be overcome with the right mindset and I'm just saying it: you too, those with a disability, there are opportunities. With the right mindset you too can overcome all obstacles and make the journey of your dreams come true.

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Two experienced travel bloggers with disabilities

And since I myself am not an expert by experience, I also went to look further myself… Because to be honest: always when I travel, I first do my research. I try to get inspiration from fellow travel blogs to find out what the most beautiful places are and look for useful tips and logical routes. It will probably be no different for people with disabilities, only travel blogs such as Wereldreizigers.nl normally no consideration at all for people with disabilities.

Wouldn't it be great to have access to travel blogs written by people with disabilities? That they can tell you more about what is or isn't possible, aimed at travelers with a disability? I decided to look for inspiring travel blogs for people with disabilities and came across three internationally renowned travel bloggers with disabilities.

I hope you can draw inspiration from the experiences, stories, and advice these bloggers share.

1. Curb free with Cory Lee

Cory Lee is an American who will not let anything and anyone stop him. At the age of two he was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 2). Cory has been in an electric wheelchair since he was four years old.

Despite his disability, Cory has managed to get a lot done. He travels the world in his wheelchair, from India to Antarctica! He has countries and areas on his list that make many travel bloggers jealous.

Traveling was sometimes not easy for Cory. His wheelchair charger exploded (literally) in Europe and he once got stuck in a burning bus. He was even attacked by a hippo in South Africa! Despite these crazy travel experiences, Cory has always continued to fulfill his dream. Cory has won several awards, was a guest on many TV shows and was even named Person of the Year in 2018.

Reading his blogs makes me, someone without disabilities, just overjoyed. What a great inspiration this man is!

Curious about his travel stories? Then take a look at his website.

2. Simply Emma

Simply Emma (living in Scotland), blogs about travel for the disabled. She focuses on accessible travel and life experiences from a wheelchair user's perspective. The blog was created to encourage others, with or without disabilities, to travel more and make new discoveries, whether that be abroad or in your hometown.

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Simply Emma combines personal stories with accessible travel guides, accommodation reviews, live event reviews and travel tips for people with disabilities.

Emma likes to write her blogs as completely as possible with heaps of imagery to really give you a good idea of ​​how she experiences it. She even takes a picture of the many wheelchair-friendly toilets!

Do you want to be inspired by Emma's great travel blogs? Then visit her website.

Are you traveling with a disability?

Now that I have been introduced to traveling for people with disabilities for the first time, I have been inspired to do that too Wereldreizigers.nl to pay more attention to. Are you that traveler with a disability who likes to shoot beautiful pictures and write about them? Then contact me! I think it would be great fun to offer you a place on my website, so that you can inspire others to travel.

Interested? Please contact me.

Until the next blog!

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