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Must sees in Cambodia | The lesser known places

When you call Cambodia, you often hear the echoes of Angkor Wat, Killing Fields and the Khmer Rouge regime. All very cool; but the kingdom that lies between Laos, Thailand and Vietnam has much more to offer...

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Things to Do in Kuching, Borneo | Tips and sights

During our world trip we flew from busy Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur to green Kuching. Kuching is located in the Malaysian part of the jungle island of Borneo. Borneo is a huge island (the number #3 of...

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Singapore | 10 must-sees in the cleanest city in the world

Arrived at Changi Airport in Southeast Asia's smallest country and then…? Looking for the must-sees of Singapore? Would you like to relax in your comfortable hotel or immediately pack your backpack and race into the city? Do you only have a few...

Must do in Italy: the Cinque Terre hike | 2 day hike | header

Must do in Italy: the Cinque Terre hike | 2 day hike

The Cinque Terre hike in Italy is an absolute must do! Walking through this beautiful nature reserve or National Park in Italy was high on the wish list a few years ago. During our roadtrip in 2015 have...

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