01 | Inspiration get inspired
02 | Saving and budget plan
03 | Plan where and when
04 | Booking flight tickets & hotels
05 | Money matters and credit cards
06 | Preparation, vaccinations
07 | Packing up and travel items
08 | En route, tips & safety
09 | Health, mental & physical
10 | After your trip in the Netherlands

Travel around the world

Take care of your feeds social media Make sure you want to jump on the next plane to an exotic destination? Do you find yourself daydreaming about exciting adventures in faraway lands? If you suffer from wanderlust, then actually a travel the world maybe the solution. It's super cliché to say but you really won't regret taking a world trip. What do you regret? Not making your dreams come true! Life is short. Chase that dream. Take that world trip! Make sure that in your old age you can look back on your life satisfied and satisfied, you will not regret it!

Planning a world trip

The coronavirus keeps us all busy, but this might just be the time to actually start saving and plan a world trip. Planning a trip around the world is a daunting task, even if you are a frequent traveler. It often takes months of research and planning to get to the stage where you're ready to board that plane and take to the skies. To prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime, we have put together a guide with 10 easy steps for planning your trip around the world on this page. A nice bonus: you immediately have something to do during this annoying corona period that seems to have no end.

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