Travel, I miss it. I miss it so much. A letter to distant destinations

It's probably not a secret to anyone in your family and circle of friends: you miss traveling. You miss traveling to distant destinations. Huge even. Skip a vacation. je world trip forced to discontinue or cancel. Even the dreams and plans for distant journeys that you wanted to make in the coming years are parked indefinitely. No one knows how long the coronavirus will keep the travel world on its knees. We all know that we miss traveling to distant destinations enormously. Wim Backx from the Belgian province of East Flanders wrote a catchy poem about it and sent it in via our Contact page.

A letter to distant destinations


I miss choosing.
I miss the hesitation.
I miss doubting.
I miss weighing.
I miss deciding.

I miss looking ahead.
I miss the desire.
I miss imagining.
I miss preparing.
I miss planning.
I miss travel guides.
I miss the thrill of finally traveling.

I miss packing the bags.
I miss the wandering wait at the airport.
I miss buying the last (for a while anyway) newspaper.
I miss queuing at the check-in desk.
I miss the parade of those many holidaymakers.

I miss flying.
I miss taking off.
I miss the realization that the journey is finally beginning.
I miss airplane food.
I miss choosing that one movie.
I miss sleeping in that cramped seat.
I miss landing.
I miss the realization that I have arrived.

I miss the awkward feeling.
I miss gradually feeling at home.
I miss being acquainted with a previously unknown land.
I miss immersing myself.
I miss looking around me.
I miss the urge to take it all in.
I miss the impressions.

I miss the WOWs.
I miss the AAAHHHs.
I miss the OOOHHHs.
I miss the AIAIAIs.

I miss the wonder.
I miss the admiration.
I miss the surprise.
I miss the emotion.
I miss being deeply touched.

I miss the greatness.
I miss the vastness.
I miss the beauty.
I miss the vastness.

I miss meeting you.
On streets.
In markets.
In squares.
At cafes.
I miss talking.
I miss laughing.
I miss that temporary connection.
I miss listening.
To stories.
To dreams.
To statements.
I miss asking questions.
I miss the answers.
I miss the sometimes unexpected silences.

I miss other travelers.
I miss fellow travelers.
I miss exchanging tips.
I miss experiencing it together.
I miss sharing an adventure.

I miss sunrises.
I miss sunsets.
I miss the great wonders of the world.
I miss the little wonders of the world.
I miss the standing still of time.
I miss that sudden realization that I am very small.
I miss the awe.
I miss the respect.
I miss that feeling of standing in former times.
I miss the realization that I'm just a cog in the bigger picture.

I miss discovering.
I miss understanding.
I miss understanding.
I miss new insights.
I miss other angles.
I miss the confrontation.
I miss the challenges.
I miss the differences.
I miss the parallels.
I miss stepping outside my comfort zone.

I miss it getting quieter at the end.
I miss leaving.
I miss leaving.
I miss nostalgia for the country we are leaving.
I miss looking back.
I miss the memories.
I miss the realization that I am a richer person again.
I miss the realization that I am a fuller person again.

I miss making new plans.
I miss choosing.


I miss it.
I miss those continents.
Those distant continents.
Those other continents.
I miss it.

Author: Wim Backx
Source: Letter to distant destinations


While reading the poem, all kinds of emotions run through you. That's why we didn't want to withhold this beautiful poem from you. You miss traveling to distant destinations. It's an awful feeling. You're not the only one. Hold on. While it lasts, look for safe trips close to home. Save your money and prepare both physically and mentally for the day when the coronavirus is back under control. Even though it seems so far away now, that day will come. Really.

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