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Surprising travel trends for this summer!

Back to Basics

Is it still conceivable today? Out the door without an iPhone, iPad or Android device? Or a day without Whatsapp, Snapchat or Spotify? You can hardly imagine it anymore. In recent years, holidays have been completely 'shared' from start to finish on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Of course, you like to let the world know which special places you have seen and which gift activities you have done. But sometimes, just sometimes, it is also a relief not to lose yourself in online gadgets and social media. More and more travelers are therefore opting for a holiday that brings them back to the essence: nature, culture and people of the country. For a few weeks without a smartphone constantly within reach, but simply rambling into nature with no more than a tent on your back and some luggage in your backpack† So back to basics! Does it scare you? Just try it once! To completely immerse yourself in today's digital world after the holidays. We believe that 'disconnecting' every now and then is the best remedy in a world that is spinning faster and faster!

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Surprising travel trends for this summer! 8

Connect with Locals

This trend effortlessly follows the 'Back to Basic' trend. Instead of the easy way, we increasingly opt for the less accessible path. We don't really want to enjoy a luxurious bite to eat in the local restaurant, or scour six museums in one day. We prefer to visit the locals at home and eat a plate with them, and then hear the real stories about the country from their mouths. We want to get closer to the real culture of a country by visiting the locals in their actual living environment. We prefer to help them by exchanging knowledge or services on a small scale. Think of it as a holiday that not only takes you to beautiful places, but also enriches you and gives you extreme satisfaction. Connect with locals and see the holiday country as it really is. So without the rose-colored glasses of a fleeting tourist. This time you really dive into the culture of the beautiful people who live there.

Connect with locals
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Extreme Outdoors

Well, in general most travelers have already bungee jumped or climbed steep rocks. Nowadays we no longer turn our hand around for a portion of rafting or a game of jet skiing. And so we prefer to look for even more extreme sports and activities, we can't get enough of it! Because can it get any crazier? But of course! Why not swim with sharks in the Caribbean Sea? Digging into the ground to discover pitch-dark caves in France? Or paraglide from lonely heights? Nowadays there are plenty of travel organizations that will gladly introduce you to the world of Extreme Outdoor! That way you know for sure that you have enough to say when you come back from your exciting holiday.

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Surprising travel trends for this summer! 10

Top 3 Summer Destinations

This year there are again a few surprising destinations that we would like to send you to. Areas that are not yet very well known as a top destination, but secretly are.


Formerly Burma, now Myanmar† We often skip the country quickly because the surrounding countries are more known as travel destinations. Think of Thailand, Laos. of Cambodia† Yet Myanmar is an unexpectedly beautiful gift to open. The formerly shadowy country has finally opened its borders a little more so that you can now cross the border a little more smoothly. Cities like Yangon and Mandalay are hot spots where Chinese, Nepalese, Indians and Burmese coexist happily. A simmering melting pot of different cultures. The mysterious Bagan temples are everywhere and make you realize that Myanmar is a mystical country. But there's more! Gaze at the glowing horizon at Inle Lake or find yourself in the paradisiacal Myeik Archipelago. Poor Myanmar is a shining jewel among Asian countries and an absolute must for the traveler who has already checked off a few countries. When booking the trip, pay attention to the seasons: in July and August there is quite a bit of rain. The temperature is more pleasant in our summer months. Also check the political situation of Myanmar before you decide to travel here.

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We stay in Asia, this time in Taiwan† A destination with a somewhat special status. Let's say Taiwan today is a sovereign state within China† The island is located off the east coast of China and south of Japan† Capital Taipei is the beautiful capital where you can go wild on the different Chinese cuisines. The food here is truly mouth-watering. Modern and traditional buildings alternate effortlessly in this city. The island of Taiwan has a 'volcanic' history which is reflected in the rugged natural landscapes. The Taroko Gorge, for example, is a very impressive natural phenomenon. Be sure to visit the oldest city in the country: Tainan, the city of 1.000 temples. If you prefer to dive into the water, travel to Green Island on the southeast coast of Taiwan. The coral here is still pure and definitely worth a dive!

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The ultra-hip Germany

Are you already dreading the hours-long flight? But are you tired of traveling to France, Spain or Italy every year? Then look even closer to home and be surprised by the hippest cities in Germany† Because the times when Germany was known as a stale country with stale people and stale places are really over! Deutschland is super hip these days! The champion of hip cities is undoubtedly Berlin, where anarchy and modernity have found their middle ground. But there is much more! Frankfurt for example: a cool party city where you can last until the early hours, enjoying half a liter of quality beer. Or the City of the North, Hamburg. Here you can shop until you can no longer feel your feet and get lost in the narrow alleys of the old town. Düsseldorf with its traditional Old Town is a nice change, while the southern Munich shows you a completely different Germany, namely a historic city with many sights, immersed in a wonderful climate. And just across the border you will find Cologne, a city with a very pleasant center and a boulevard where you can stroll unabashedly. Who said Germany isn't hip?

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