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Cheap world trip route example | Around the world for €1500

Do you want to travel the world cheaply? Do you have a dream to go on a world trip, but you can't or don't want to spend 20.000 euros on it? No worries! Our team of world travelers has made several cheap world trips and therefore know exactly what works and what doesn't. If you pay attention and choose a logical world travel route, you can save a lot on the flight tickets† With this cheap world travel route you can make a world trip for less than 1500 euros in airline tickets. Really! You will also find a complete overview of the costs of this trip around the world in the article, which cost a total of less than € 5000 per person!

How long does this world trip take?

This world tour is perfect for a duration of about three months. The minimum length of time that we recommend for this cheap world trip is 10 weeks, because otherwise you have to travel too quickly. The maximum length of time we recommend? No. Because if you want to stay somewhere longer, there is always plenty to see and do! Also in one of the many neighboring countries.

Which countries will you visit?

You visit at least 6 . in this cheap world trip Nations divided into three different continents† You will board the plane at least 6 times and experience four completely different cultures. Be surprised by the natural beauty of West America† Stroll the streets of soaring skyscrapers in Hong Kong. Immerse yourself in the ancient Buddhist culture of Thailand, experience the multicultural society of Malaysia and conclude with the grand, modern Islamic Dubai with the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen.

Which type of world traveler is suitable for?

This world trip is suitable for every type of world traveler, but is extremely suitable for novice world travelers† This is because the countries you visit are very accessible to backpackers and travelers with less experience. For example, in every country you visit, there is an enormous amount of choice in accommodation, making it easy to reserve rooms. You can also visit any country in this world tour fairly well with the English language, because people are used to tourists. The infrastructure in Thailand and Malaysia is a lot better than in neighboring countries, making it relatively easy to travel around in these countries.

Why no world tickets?

We have chosen to help you travel the world as cheaply as possible. Your biggest expenses are probably plane tickets, so those who want to travel the world cheaply will have to look very critically at the number of countries and flights. It is often thought that world tickets with one company or alliance are the most advantageous. That is unfortunately not (any longer) the case. Nowadays there are a lot of companies that compete and stunt with prices.

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Our research and many of our own experiences have shown that you are always more expensive with a world ticket. It is therefore worthwhile to book your airline tickets separately with the various airlines. It takes a little more time and effort, but you save a lot of money. Money that you can use very well during your world trip!

Now you may not know where to start – but don't worry! Save yourself hours of searching the internet. We have processed all our experience in the route example below and also checked the current prices for travel in the year 2021.

Cheap world trip route example

If you want to travel the world cheaply, you should know which flights are cheap. There are many factors that can influence the price of an airline ticket. The finding of cheap tickets is and remains difficult, we do not want to delve too deeply into that now. Fortunately, we know from experience that the connections in the world travel route example below are generally very cheap, because there are many flights to be found. There is a lot of competition which keeps prices low, so take advantage of it!

Amsterdam or Brussels – Miami – Las Vegas || Los Angeles – Hong Kong – Bangkok || Singapore – Dubai – Amsterdam or Brussels
{ – = Travel by plane, red line on world map }
† = Travel by land, blue line on world map }

Amsterdam or Brussels – Miami

We start our cheap world travel route in Miami. A one-way ticket to Miami costs about 170 to 230 euros† This is often with one transfer. TUI has a direct connection to Miami from Brussels. Direct TUI tickets are regularly available for 200 to 250 euros each way, with a bit of luck you can grab such an offer!

Miami - South Pointe Beach Park
Miami–South Pointe Beach Park

Rent a cool car in Miami with which you can tour around. Visit the national park in style The Everglades to spot alligators and open-top to the southern tip of Florida in Key West. We paid 240 euros for four days for the car below, good deal right!?

Miami–Las Vegas

This cheap domestic flight can be booked from 23 euros with the right offer. The average price for this ticket is about 60 € and the more expensive variants are around 100 euros. It often pays to search from Fort Lauderdale, tickets from this airport are often cheaper.

Las Vegas–Los Angeles

This part of your cheap world travel route will take you over land. This is the time to rent a cool campervan! At your own pace the different National Parks in America admire, who wouldn't want that?

Route West America - Camperbus
Route West America – Camperbus

Traveling with a camper bus through West America is very cool, especially because you have a lot of freedom. It is also one of the cheapest ways to travel around, because you always have a place to sleep and you can cook and barbecue a lot yourself. You may not expect it, but in retrospect, traveling around the United States with a camper van for 25 days turned out to be a lot cheaper than we had expected!

Los Angeles – Hong Kong

This is the most expensive and longest flight of your cheap world travel route. When you look at the world map, the distance between these two cities often doesn't seem that great. Unfortunately, in almost all cases a world map gives the wrong picture. You cross the Pacific in this flight and a direct flight between Los Angeles and Hong Kong spans no less than 11.650 km and therefore takes an average of 15 hours and 30 minutes. If you look carefully, you can find tickets (one way) from about 450 to 500 euros† The Los Angeles – Hong Kong connection is the most efficient (and in almost all cases the cheapest) option if you want to travel from the US to Asia. An alternative is the connection San Francisco – Hong Kong.

Hong Kong–Bangkok

From Hong Kong you fly ahead about 100 euros further to Bangkok. There is so much to see and do in Bangkok! It is a popular city among backpackers because it actually has everything your heart desires. Allow at least three days for this beautiful city and discover the many sights.

Bangkok - Singapore

This part of your world travel route will be covered by land. You have about a month to do this! Visit one of the many National Parks in Thailand and travel at your own pace through Malaysia all the way to Singapore.

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Singapore - Dubai

Singapore and Dubai have an incredibly good connection. You fly in luxury with Emirates (direct flight) for a standard price of about 230 euros† Explore the highlights of Dubai, visit the beaches and admire the tallest building in the world.

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Dubai - World travel route example
Dubai – World travel route example

Dubai - Amsterdam

Unfortunately, this cheap world travel route is also coming to an end. You are going back to the Netherlands! Direct flights to Amsterdam can be found from around 300 euros. Those who want to save money go for the option with one transfer, usually in Istanbul, Turkey or via Kiev, Romania. With a short transfer, several flight options can be found from about 200 euros per person.

What does this cheap world trip cost in total?

You can largely control the costs of this cheap world trip yourself, but € 4500 to € 5000 per person is a good average to start with. With this amount you don't have to leave much and you can do almost everything you want. We were on a trip around the world for a total of three months and we spent a total of € 4710 per person, all inclusive. If you really watch your money, you can even enjoy 500 euros or more from this. You do this by eating out less, drinking less and mainly sleeping in dorms. You can also use a less intense renting a car (we went for that great red Muscle Car, see video) and the camper van could also be a size smaller with fewer options. This immediately saves you several hundred euros per person.

Cost overview per person.

Airline tickets: € 1320, -
Camper van: € 815, -
car rental: € 120, -
€ 890, -
Food: € 565, -
Tours and places of interest: € 620, -
Miscellaneous expenses: € 380, -

How have we saved costs?

To be able to travel the world cheaply, we had to watch our expenses here and there. Because we mainly stayed together in budget hotels and hostels, we could easily save a lot on costs. That's the advantage of traveling as a couple! We only booked private rooms, so no dorms.

Food and drink

Eating out three to four times a week was no exception, but we usually chose budget options. Also regularly cooked ourselves in our time in the camper bus. In Asia we especially enjoyed streetfood† That turned out not only to be very cheap, it is also very tasty! We regularly drank a beer with dinner or a cocktail on the beach, but in moderation.

Smart use of accommodations

In order to enjoy luxury every now and then, we strategically booked our more luxurious accommodations. We regularly booked several days in Asia in a basic hotel for about 20 euros per night (10' pp). We did this on days when we were doing tours, at sea or near a beautiful beach. You don't need a luxury hotel room on those days! After those few days of 'suffering' we treated ourselves to a few more days of luxury and we went out less.

Tours and entrance fees

We hardly saved any money on tours and entrance fees. We actually did everything we wanted to do, from jungle safaris to guided tours and from diving to multi-day snorkeling tours.

What is the recommended travel period for this world tour?

We recommend booking this world travel example in the months September – December of April – June† This is because you start your journey in the United States. Especially in the higher areas in Western America it can get very cold in the winter, while in the summer it can be sweltering and extremely busy. Spring and autumn are therefore the best travel periods for this trip around the world. The temperatures are pleasant and there is relatively little precipitation.

The countries you visit in Asia are warm all year round. You can have to deal with heavy rain showers, but you will also be able to enjoy the sun enough. Your last destination is Dubai. The best time to travel in Dubai is from late October to mid-May. The temperatures during the day and at night are very pleasant, the chance of precipitation is low and the number of hours of sunshine is between 8 and 9 per day. Would you like more information about the climate and the best travel time per destination? Then take a look Climateinfo.nl

More cheap world travel routes

Is this world travel route not what you are looking for? Do you miss countries that you would really like to visit? No worries! In the coming period we will outline more budget-friendly and cheap world travel route examples for you. So keep the website and and follow us Facebook en Instagram!

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