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Life in Australia | Weak coffee, eating fries, whales and dolphins

Thom and Lianne live and work in Australia† They have been staying in this beautiful country for almost two years and write nice blogs in addition to Wereldreizigers.nl also regularly fun and short stories on their Instagram† So follow! For those who have not yet met Thom and Lianne, read this. The blog below is something new – it's a collection from the past week. What is life like in Australia and what are they all up against? You read it all in the fantasy of week 47?

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Weak coffee in the morning

You walk with your partner on a random beach with your Dutch bake in the Australian sun. You just woke up and notice that you don't want to get too close to your partner yet, as you notice that your mouth smells like a purulent pimple. Yet you start a conversation about how nice it was to cuddle last night and that you couldn't lie on your stomach again this morning. Not because you can't lie with your head on the pillow because of the bulging belly, but for completely different reasons?

Weak coffee in Australia
Weak coffee in Australia

You take one last good sip of your weak cup of coffee, after which you smile sweetly at your girl with your coffee-caked teeth. You notice that she has had her coffee for centuries and is already fully focused on a new project: searching for stones. Normally this is a hobby for guys where the balls have not yet descended. In my case it is my 27 year old partner. Have you also been hit that way?

Eating fries in Manly

It has already been mentioned via Instagram that people in the Netherlands sometimes call me the 'Chips King'. Even 674 days after departure, an empty bag of chips is occasionally found in my room in the Netherlands. I think we can then speak of a pure enthusiast. Am I proud of it? No! Do I think snacking is the end? Yes! Nowadays we also regularly eat vegetarian and we try to pay attention to the oiliness. With effort.

Snacks, chips and fries
Snacks, chips and fries

A new low came to light last night. Every Sunday it is also here for us fries day. And now let's live right above Manly's best chip shop. The owner's name is John. He knows my name by now and we often nod to each other as we pass. Yesterday we took an order non-verbally for the first time. When he entered he looked at me and one look was enough. 1 medium chips please. Then you know that.

The whale season in Australia

Even before we went separately to Australia, the whale was always almost lonely on our list of favorite animals. From May to November these whoppers book a return ticket from Antarctica to Australia and back. Unfortunately it is now November, which means that the last whales are slowly leaving Australia. And that hurts. What should we do now? There's little to lurch when you're peering over the ocean with your binoculars and cross-eyed caps.

Whale season in Australia is coming to an end
Whale season in Australia is coming to an end

We think these animals are so intensely fat, because they are initially gigantic. In addition, it seems as if they do everything in slow motion. That looks like a toilet visit from Thom. They play, dance and sing underwater and are always looking for adventure. In fact exactly what we do when we take a bath together with the Margriet in our hands. We are going to miss you, massive gabbers. Greetings to the penguins and we'll see you again in May. Safe journey. Hi!

Byron Bay | Wonderful life in Australia

Byron Bay is arguably the most popular place in Australia. Everyone you talk to here secretly wants to live there, the Byron chicks are the best of them all and you can walk around in your hippie suit all day without anyone saying anything. The waves are perfect, the weather is nice and the people are friendly. Truly a place where you can let things go and lead a carefree life.

Byron Bay, a popular destination in Australia
Byron Bay, a popular destination in Australia

We have our Instagram friends here @alexandlise, after half a year of talking back and forth, finally met. They live here and lead a bit of the same life as we do. Working hard, taking some pictures, talking stupid, surfing a lot and most of all being very happy that we can be in Australia at this time. Super nice to meet these two great guys and to hype a bit about life in Australia. See you soon gabbers!

Dolphins in the wild

Call us a bum who never dreamed of becoming a dolphin trainer. Okay, I really wanted to be a princess, but Lianne wanted to teach tricks to the so-called flippers at all costs. We have the idea that everyone would like to work with these always smiling happy acorns. You could see that, for example, from that guy in Dolfinarium that dolphin was beating off. During our life in Australia we see them swimming regularly. Always in a group, where they really do the strangest antics.

Dolphins in the wild | Australia
Dolphins in the wild | Australia

Banging and fiddling with each other, jumping a little and screaming a little. In that respect, it's like a night out with our friends. Seeing dolphins is 100% never boring. Fortunately, we now live in a place where they always reappear and so we are always alert.? Now we are actually curious about your dream job as a child. Fire away, let yourself go!

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Thom and Lianne live in Australia. They have been staying in this beautiful country for almost two years and write nice blogs in addition to Wereldreizigers.nl also regularly fun and short stories on their Instagram† So follow! They also have a own website full of nice blogs and extra information about their travels. go there!

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