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Alternative must-sees in Medellin | Traditional Colombian Culture

If you want to get a good impression of Medellin, these five alternative must-sees in Medellin, the second city of Colombia not missing. We take you along the most beautiful places where you can still really enjoy the traditional Colombian culture and where you can get away from the beaten track. We are all familiar with the standard top 10 lists by now, so let yourself be surprised today and visit the lesser-known spots of this beautiful city.

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medellin colombia | must-sees medellin | Wereldreizigers.nl
Alternative must-sees in Medellin | Traditional Colombian Culture 8

1. Salon Malaga

The ultra-traditional Salon Malaga is one of Medellin's foremost patrons of the local paisa culture and one of the coolest places to visit for a coffee or beer. You won't find reggaeton here and even salsa is considered too modern. No, Salon Malaga is not just another place in Medellin, it is definitely one of the cultural must-sees in Medellin. Malaga's turntables may play more bakelite 10″ records from the fifties and sixties than vinyl.

Salon Malaga, Medellin
Salon Malaga, Medellin

Sundays are especially fun when lovers from all over the city come here to dance to traditional music genres such as leek, cumbia and tango. It is easy to get there as it is located almost below the San Antonio metro station.

2. Cerro El Volador

The Cerro El Volador is a nature reserve located practically in the geographical heart of Medellin. It is one of the common must-sees in Medellin, but no less fun for that.

Cerro El Volador 4 | must-sees medellin | Wereldreizigers.nl
Photo: Julio C. Londoño Á. † Cerro El Volador

The managers of the Natural Park have been trying for decades to preserve the traditional vegetation that characterizes the Valle de Aburra. Despite being right in the middle of the city, the park is quiet and perfect for picnics and offers one of the best panoramic views in the city.

3. Medellin's House of Memory Museum

Not the happiest place in Medellin. The Medellin's House of Memory Museum is dedicated to the many victims of Colombia's armed conflict and drug trafficking.

House of Memory Museum | Must see Medellin
House of Memory Museum | Must see Medellin

In a city where many prefer to forget the violence, the museum tries to highlight the city's infamous past to prevent such violence from ever happening again. For visitors, it's the perfect place to learn about Medellin's social history, how the city's residents and victims have experienced the violence, and how they are trying to overcome it.

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4. San Pedro Cemetery

The San Pedro Cemetery is a museum and cultural center. Not only is the beautifully designed cemetery home to many famous and infamous residents of Medellin, it often hosts events or exhibitions.

San Pedro Cemetery | Must sees Medellin
San Pedro Cemetery | Must sees Medellin

The cemetery is not in the best part of town and difficult to get to by public transport, but any taxi driver knows how to get you there.

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5. Comuna 13

Medellin's western Comuna 13 has long been one of the most violent places in the city. However, the city, especially Comuna 13, has changed and is now the busiest area in the city and can finally show the rest of the world how cool, colorful and culturally active it is.

Comuna 13, Graffiti tour | Must see Medellín
Comuna 13, Graffiti tour | Must see Medellín

It is recommended to do the graffiti tour organized by the local hip-hop center Casa Kolacho.

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