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The Wild West of Western Australia | An alternative round trip route!

IEveryone knows the statues of Ayers Rock, The Harbor Bridge and Fraser Island. And everyone knows the stories of down-to-earth Melbourne, the metropolis of Sydney and the unparalleled diving experiences at The Great Barrier Reef. Because that's what it is Australia that everyone has on their retinas? Unfortunately! Take a different route and you'll be amazed by the hidden beauties in Western Australia! Stunning white beaches, breathtaking natural gems, cuddly dolphins and whale sharks, the best surf spots in the world and rugged deserts. It's all there, mate! You can of course book an organized trip, but do you want our advice? Rent a car or motorhome and find your own way up the west coast. A fun alternative tour route through the wild west of Australia!

Laidback Perth

Our tour of Western Australia starts in relaxed Perth, capital of Western Australia. In this secluded metropolis, nestled against the Indian Ocean and the mouth of the Swan River, you can recharge your batteries for a long journey along the west coast of this gigantic country. Why not start with a day of sunbathing on one of Perth's beautiful beaches? Scarborough Beach and Trigg Beach are ideal beaches for tanning or catching a wave on your surfboard. Do not forget to always apply a minimum factor of 30. The sun is merciless throughout Australia and especially in the west the sun burns through everything. Do you have time for some distraction? Then check out the beautiful zoo of perth zoo† Or walk through Kings Park, the beautiful park with a magnificent view over the city.

Perth, Western Australia
Perth, Western Australia

Fancy an artistic outing? Then visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia and learn more about the interesting history of the Aussies and the aborigines. Also nice: Perth's own brewery: the 'Little Creatures' here taste the way beer is meant to be.

The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park

Time to get in your car – preferably 4WD – or camper and drive towards the northern part of Western Australia. You can pitch your tent in many places along the west coast. So no expensive hotels, but back to basics. After about 300 km you arrive at Nambung, the National Park known for the Pinnacles, pillars of limestone. The pillars are scattered in a decor that is most reminiscent of a futuristic moonscape.

The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park, Western Australia
The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park, Western Australia

The park is at its best just before sunset. The long shadows of thousands of pillars then mysteriously dance around you in this bizarre landscape. In the park you will also find beautiful sand dunes along the sea with beaches that remind you of tropical bounty islands. Close to the park is the town of Cervantes, where you can spend the night after a delicious dinner – crayfish are a specialty here.

Kalbarri National Park

Another impressive National Park is Kalbarri. The scenery here is breathtakingly beautiful and definitely worth a stop over. Rent a canoe and make your way along the rust-red rock canyons of the Murchison River. The more than a thousand species of wild flowers in this park color your surroundings into a wonderful world where you would like to stay for days. The hikes through the rugged mountains are also recommended. On a good day, for example, you can spot kangaroos and emus from The Loop lookout.

Kalbarri National Park, a gem in Western Australia
Kalbarri National Park, a gem in Western Australia

If it's really your lucky day, you might see your first dolphin, whale or roaring sea lion from the cliffs along the coast. If you have saved up a lot for your trip through Western Australia, a helicopter flight over the park, the coast and the Abrolhos Islands also an option. To be able to see the sheer beauty of Kalbarri's untouched nature from the air, we would certainly pay a few Australian dollars for that.

Petting dolphins in Monkey Mia

Dolphins in the sea at Monkey Mia, Western Australia
Dolphins in the sea at Monkey Mia, Western Australia

After a dusty ride, it's time to cool off in the azure water at Monkey Mia. This place is known for its overwhelming sea world. Not only do dolphins swim here and bottlenose dolphins like to play with you all day long, you can also encounter turtles, sharks, whales, manta rays and many other fish here. For example, take a kayak or step on a glass bottom boat to take a good look at this water world, you don't know what you will see! Also nice to do is a camel ride on the beach of Dolphin Beach. And if you haven't gotten your PADI yet, Monkey Mia might be the perfect location to start with your first diving lessons.

The underwater world of Ningaloo Reef

Continuing up the coast, you'll soon arrive at one of the largest barrier reefs in the world: Ningaloo Reef. Ningaloo hides her most beautiful treasures under water. No problem. Because already 100 meters from the coast you can see this color splendor with snorkel and flippers.

Ningaloo reef is a beautiful dive site
Ningaloo reef is a beautiful dive site in Western Australia

If you want to go further out to sea, a kayak is also a great option here. Coral devils, clownfish, anemones and predatory moray eels dart past you. On the beach you can explore the area with a quad bike, the sandy beaches of Ningaloo are beautiful.

Bungle Bungles

Close to Broome, the end point of this fascinating journey, lie the orange-black striped rocks of the Bungle Bungle Ranges. There is no better way to experience these pure gems of nature than by camping in Purnululu National Park. Wandering around here for a day is a magical experience.

Bungle Jungles, Western Australia
Bungle Jungles, Western Australia

Not only are the Bungles simply beautiful, hikes along Piccaninny Creek and Spring Creek Track also take you past beautiful places. Don't feel like walking and would you rather cruise around? Don't worry! Take the 4WD and cross the incredibly beautiful Cathedral Gorge Walls and Windjana Gorge. A place on earth you will never forget.

Broome, city of pearls

This atmospheric city is the end point of our journey. Along the way you can stop at the extensive beaches of Eight Mile Beach. The red colored rocks are also an attraction in themselves. Then you can drive on to tropical Broome, the pearl capital of Australia.

Red rocks near Broome, Australia
Red rocks near Broome, Australia

Finally a comfortable hotel and a lovely bed! Time to recover, for example by catching a movie in the world's oldest open-air cinema. Popcorn in your hand and a shining starry sky above you, what more could you want! And of course you don't take the car but a camel to ride on the 22 km long beach of Cable Beach. In the afternoon, have a relaxed picnic on Town Beach and to end with a refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean at the pearly white beach of Cable Beach. Watching the moon rise at Roebuck Bay is the perfect end to this Western Australia trip.

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Great Ocean Road in Australia

Another really cool route to drive is the Great Ocean Road† The Great Ocean Road in Australia is one of the most beautiful roadtrips of Australia and perhaps the world. This route along the coast of Victoria takes you from Torquay to Warrnambool, passing the famous 12 Apostles. You can read all about it in the extensive blog at our neighbors of Travellersoftheworld.nl, via the link at the top of this paragraph.

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