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Below we have collected a number of companies and ticket comparators that we have used a lot in recent years. Search and book the cheapest airline tickets with various providers and read our personal reviews. We will be expanding this list in the near future.

Skyscanner - Compare Flight Tickets

I keep saying it: of all the flight search engines out there, Skyscanner is my best bet when it comes to finding cheap airfares and the save money to travel. I use Skyscanner's website for absolutely all the cheap tickets I buy – which doesn't mean I always book with them.

If you want to know WHY Skyscanner should never be missing from your list of flight search websites, read our in-depth review.

  • Best comparator
  • Book directly with the company
  • Huge offer
  • Lots of smart search options
  • Prices do not always match
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KLM | Royal Dutch Airlines - Book flights online

Our experience with KLM is generally good. The quality of the food has unfortunately deteriorated in recent years and the website sometimes suffers from annoying problems.

Fortunately, the flights in economy class are above average comfortable, which is another big plus. KLM generally flies with good, young aircraft.

We also think that it is a Dutch company with mainly Dutch employees.

  • Dutch company
  • Many direct connections from Amsterdam
  • Relatively low prices
  • Comfortable
  • Sometimes website problems
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Qatar Airways NL | Exclusive flying for a small price

Qatar Airways is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world. At Qatar luxury and comfort are paramount, which does not necessarily mean that you also pay a high price.

Qatar has a number of affordable, direct connections to various countries in the Middle East from Amsterdam. Eating on a Qatar Airways flight is an experience in itself.

  • Modern fleet
  • Luxury and comfort
  • Fantastic food on board
  • Limited offer
  • Pricing
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TIX.nl | Find and compare cheap airline tickets

TIX.nl is a real ticket broker. This means that you buy airline tickets from them and not from an airline. This has a number of advantages, in particular the price is on average lower than when you book with the company itself.

It is important to know that if something occurs that makes you have to change or cancel your ticket, it will also go through TIX.nl, which in turn has to arrange this with the company, which can cause extra delays and uncertainty. .

  • Easy to use
  • Wide range
  • Cheap tickets
  • You do not book with the company
  • In case of calamities often unreachable
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Transavia | Cheap flights

Transavia is a subsidiary of KLM and focuses mainly on low-budget flights. Luggage is not included as standard and extras will have to be paid extra.

Transavia is a good airline for getting from A to B cheaply, even if that means a flight to another continent.

  • Cheap
  • KLM subsidiary
  • Large selection within Europe
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